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  1. Hi Winno I have purchased the ATC SIA 2-150 from Cafad but what I’m trying to do is get in touch with a fishing friend who could be interested in the Benchmark monoblocks. It is a long story but he is very difficult to get in contact with. I just wanted to respond to your generous offer and hopefully organise something with him — fingers crossed. Regards, Ken
  2. Yes, yes . . . I do take note of all the must do’s for the Gales but this is the early stage of my set-up in an odd-shaped room — but in the meantime I need music to cope with the challenges! Thanks Jeff for your time and help today, much appreciated.
  3. I know these monoblocks will do a great job in powering my Gale GS401 speakers but if go this way (as against a Integrated amplifier) I will need a preamp. Any reasonable suggestions?
  4. Thanks, everyone for comments in reply to my dilemma and to see some Gale GS401 enthusiasts out there. I am a bit hesitant to get something too vintage with potential issues down the track, and/or something as a gap measure for now sort of thing. Adjusting the budget up somewhat is always possible. In the past a Yamaha AVX100 had been driving them (sort of) and then little used for some years, but now I want them to be driven as they deserve. I’m 70 years in March so my hearing is not the best, but the best hearing aid is surely turning the volume knob of an amplifier clockwise. Yes, Peter_F they do seem to go down to 2 Ohm. I think thimmy118 was referring to the Accuphase E303x which I saw mentioned in a UK forum along with the Hegel 160 and Hafler amps. A brochure for the E303x mentioned that it can be connected to low impedance speakers and into 2 Ohms can deliver 250 Watts per channel. The Gales haven’t come back from the speaker hospital yet.
  5. Hi everyone. My goal at the moment is to find an amplifier to match a restored pair of Gale GS401A speakers — when they are happy so am I. Integrated or mono-blocks, budget $2000–$3000. I believe speakers can go down to near 3 Ohms, and are 87dB efficiency. Possibilities in SNA classifieds: ATC SIA 2-150 Integrated, Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated, Parasound Halo Integrated. A Bryston B135-SST2 was also listed but although very suitable was over my budget. Benchmark Vortex Monoblocks are also listed. The Parasound is listed as local pick-up in Melbourne. I am favouring the ATC as a comment was made regarding its suitability to hungry speakers and its overall characteristics. I have just noticed that the classified (by Cafad) for the ATC Integrated is now “expired”. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the welcome Muon N’. Being active on a forum is all new to me as I have usually just been browsing for “research purposes”. I will check it out thanks. I have seen some suitable amps in the Classifieds and just need to decide and respond when all OK to do so. Cheers!
  7. Fellow sufferers: Over the last few months I’ve been cleaning, re-organising and adding to my vinyl collection (there are limits that I can hopefully keep). Next thing I need to do is find an Integrated amplifier to better match my Gale GS-401A speakers that are being restored. I do have some in mind but comments are always welcome. Cheers for now!
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