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  1. Hi There - I need help with understanding the uses of Zone 2. I have a Yamaha RXV1085 Receiver 7.2 capability - BUT I want it as 7.2.2 !! As all 7 channels are taken up - how do I set up the .2 speakers ?? so total 9 speakers ? Do I use the Zone 2 output as height .2 speakers to get my overheads going? When I connect the extra presence speakers and configure the Yamaha to output as overheads - I get nothing. Any ideas.... Please help Cheers and Stay Safe!
  2. thanks I'll check them out as well cheers
  3. I'll check out Jaycar and the solder choices - thanks Guys!
  4. ok thanks - so what grade solder should I use?
  5. Very good - thank you. I think I need to go get me a new heat gun - that looks tidy. Cheers
  6. aaahh the satisfaction of job well done! Thanks for the inspiration. I'll get to it Cheers
  7. Very true, detail is what its about - I will feel my inner Zen once I've accomplished the task. Cheers
  8. Thank you - I think the idea of giving it that extra strength is good. Cheers
  9. Hi there - looking for some advice. Should you heat shrink the speaker and wire and sheath when terminating speaker wires / attaching to banana plugs or spades? Do they need this additional protection or not? Cheers
  10. Thanks Bill - Will do
  11. Hi There - really enjoy viewing all the gear flowing through the site and picking up tips here and there - thank you. Started work in a Hifi store and enjoyed quality sound ever since. Running B&W 802D2's, HTM2D2, LM1 Surrounds, ASW650, NAD M25 (+ NAD M15HD & M5) Yamaha RX-1085, Robertson Audio, Wireworld & Monster interconnects, Isotek Power cables, Monster Power Centre It's clean, pure and punches hard. Cheers
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