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  1. Man, if this was in black i would retire my 2 rotels for it.
  2. There is a guy in nsw selling 2 sb 3000s
  3. Absolutely spewing and frothing at the same time. I love my rel ht1205s, but for the bargin that these are, i wish i had waited another month and a half lol 😅😂 These will be gone in an hour or 2 I reckon. Glws mate 👌😊
  4. Ive got 2 klipsch r10sws for sale, hace boxes, 9/10 condition
  5. No need to be sorry bud Well first and foremost, more power lol. More dynamic headroom and sustained low frequency extension. The klipsch are a good starting point, but as the system has expanded the klipsch were struggling to keep up. Plus i got a good deal on them also, hope this helps
  6. Further information: They are in immaculate condition, no ding, dents or scratching, the grills also present in the same condition. I have all the original packaging/boxes (so postage is an option at buyers expense) Priority will be given to those in the Melbourne area however. Selling because i upgraded to 2 REL ht1205's. Perfect for someone just entering the HT space and don't want to spend an overwhelming amount of money Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Some one had a high end set of b&ws on here for 30k i think.
  8. This is a hell of a deal! GLWS, i dont expect it to be here for long at that price.
  9. You know its a serious piece of kit when it comes with a remote and a calibration mic. Gorgeous unit mate, GLWS
  10. Damn nice units mate! If you were in Melbourne, id seriously considering switching from my infinity beta 50s. Good price too! Glws mate 😊
  11. I have 2 klipsch r10sws that I have just decommissioned, have boxes n all. Replaceed with 2 REL ht1205's Will let them both go for 700, I know it's a tad outside your price bracket, but they are matching pairs.
  12. Trinnov is the best reason I have heard for selling 👌
  13. Item: SVS PB1000 Price Range: $1000-1100 (depending on condition) Item Condition: Used Extra Info: On the hunt for a pair of svs Pb1000s to replace my klipsch r10sws. Would prefer to source form the Melbourne area, will consider out of state if there is original boxing.
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