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  1. I sold my rxa2060 for a marantz sr6013 just so I could have 11ch processing, seeing this is seriously making me consider selling my marantz for this. This is a hell of a steal considering I sold the 2060 for $1100 GLWS mate, bargain for sure!
  2. Ahhk, I have one of these 990bx's running my 2 infinity beta 50s. Loads of power, these amps are rated conservatively, they are more like 230wrms. Also have a 985bx running the rest of my floor speakers. Always been a fan of rotel, these amps are built to last, keep em serviced and they will last a life time. Plus the aesthetics are timeless 👌 I'm still on the market for another 985bx for my atmos channels. Good luck with the sale mate 😊
  3. Did you buy this off a guy north of the city?
  4. You can use Y splitters or you can daisy chain them.
  5. Excuse my ignorance, but I'm not sure what you mean. Are you saying the oppo would be better? I use dolby vision if it available, but most movies are standard hdr. Do you mean use the lgs tone mapping that's inbuilt? Yeah I have the ability to get the oppo at a good price, cheaper than the Panasonic. What's drm laced updates?
  6. You can't, not from new as far as I'm awear. But I have one I can get a hold of, but I'm ton between the 203 and the ub9000
  7. I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place when deciding between both of these players. The oppo is a player with such raved reviews regarding quality, the dacs and just overall awesomeness. However the same goes with the Panasonic, the chip, tone mapping and again, just overall awesomeness. Couple things to note: 1, I have an LG 55b7 oled, so the tone mapping from the Panasonic would be advantageous 2, I won't be using it for audio, exclusively for 4k blurays. Any input would be appreciated.
  8. I want it so bad, but just can't justify it... The Ub820 is good, but these look so sexy 🤤🤤🤤
  9. Just tell her it can't play 4k discs to their full potential, keep the player! I use to use my xbox one x them got one of these, can't put a price on the tone matching mate.
  10. Awesome! Sounds like it will work. Can we jack something up?
  11. Height? Shelf weight capacity? Width of shelves preferably from inside the posts. Wondering if my rotels would be safe of them, 22ish kgs each. Pretty keen though
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