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  1. Item: White Geneva Classic XL (can connect to computer, or compatible with iPod, FM radio or CD) Location: Sydney Price: 350 Item Condition: Great used condition, there is a visual blemish/scratch on right side panel (since the model is white it is hard to see) Reason for selling: Used to be a relative's, but they moved back overseas Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: The LED display which displays track number doesn't light up, but audio plays perfectly (I can DM a video of it playing). There is no remote, but a replacement can be bought for $30 on RemoteWorld, and is only really necessary if using the CD function, as there are controls on top of the speaker. (Took it outside for better lighting) Photos: Front, Top and Rear: .
  2. Haha, beat me to it, definitely an entertaining film: I wouldn't have remembered the cast without a quick Google search either though
  3. Wow, maybe I should reconsider and watch it then? Honestly, I also was a bit put off by Will Smith being cast as Genie and the new movie ruining the original animated one for me but guess I'll give it a go It's too late now, I'm trusting your assessment of the film, betocool
  4. Remember a few years back when a ship was stuck in the Antarctic ice and another ship went to assist? Happened to chance upon one of the ships on my last visit to Christchurch Took this photo with a compact before I got my first DSLR a couple years ago
  5. For street photography, I reckon a used DSLR may be a bit bulky and not really fun to carry. So if you're going all auto, forget DSLR and maybe pick up either a compact camera or a cheap mirrorless. Cheap mirrorless: maybe a used Sony mirrorless camera you could get for around the $500 mark? Haven't bought a compact in a while but maybe one in the Canon Powershot range
  6. Before I bought my DSLR, I had a Canon Powershot G11. I would recommend the Canon Powershot series, has simple modes and functions to learn, takes videos reliably well and the quality is much better than many cameras at a similar price range. I also have a Sony mirrorless compact camera, got it as a gift so I'm not sure if it fits the budget, but it has less of a traditional, clunky feel to it. You might like that, but some photographers don't. It's really up to what you prefer
  7. Don't know if anyone's watched 'You' but I finished the series a while back and thought the writing was consistent and the plot was quite interesting. Other suggestions include Sense8, and a more niche suggestion: Kingdom (a Korean historical drama mixed with zombie action, you'll be hooked if you try an episode of this one)
  8. Haha, definitely procrastinate first But yes, listen to some great tracks as an excuse for the time 'wasted' 👍!
  9. Yea, it's unfortunate but I guess you've got to take the loss on this one mate. Even after repair, I doubt the remaining life and satisfaction from the product will be worth the cost. Better spending that $700 elsewhere
  10. I have a Geneva Model XL from a few years ago, the LED display is broken however and I don't know whether I should spend the money to fix it (is it a simple fix?) or just sell it off to someone who's interested. I don't use it much anymore. Any ideas?
  11. Newcomer here to the forums, looking forward to learn about the hifi/audio world and help others along the way Hope this is the start of a new hobby
  12. I'm also a new member, looking forward to understanding more about the hifi world and learning about the amazing products that get better year on year
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