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  1. Item: Yamaha Natural Sound AM/FM stereo tuner T-760 Location: Melbourne Price: free to collect for $20 donation to StereoNet Item Condition: Operating when last used. Reason for selling: not able to use Payment Method: Pick up Extra Info: This unit was chosen and used by Graham Thirkell, renowned professional audio design engineer. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Item: Metaxas IKARUS stereo integrated amp with phono input by Graham Thirkell. Manual and reviews attached. Location: Melbourne Price: $1350 negotiable Item Condition: Well cared for, and checked by Open Ear Audio in April ‘19. Reason for selling: Looking for a new home where it can be used and appreciated. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This fine amplifier was chosen for his personal use as his reference amplifier by renowned professional audio designer and acoustician Graham Thirkell. Graham’s many tape recorder designs are unmatched, and his large range of studio equipment still highly sought. Read Graham’s profile at this Audio Engineering Society link: http://www.aesmelbourne.org.au/graham-thirkell/ Graham and Kostas Metaxas had many conversations on the differences and similarities between high end and professional design and requirements, and they collaborated on occasion. The phono input on this amp is one result of that collaboration. It is difficult for me to say goodbye to this amp. Not only because it has such a beautiful sound, but also as it holds so many memories of listening together with Graham to new music and equipment. This is a once only opportunity to purchase and enjoy a piece of proud history of the design initiatives of Australian high quality audio designers. Photos: without photos of the actual item will not be approved. ___IKARUS_MANUAL_FINAL.pdf
  3. Recently I was forced to downgrade from a beautiful Metaxas stereo amp to a Yamaha RX-V385. This unit was recommended by a family member as being the best within my very limited price range. I am getting used to it, but am wondering if I should use the YPAO which I assume is a parametric equaliser. Don’t want to allow it then find I don’t like the EQ. Does anyone have any experience of this, and can I delete it if I want? The Metaxas amp is going up for sale when I work out how to list it in classifieds. So far it has eluded me. thanking you.
  4. Thank you VFetishist. Music is a necessary part of my life being food for my soul. What better way to avoid the annoyance of tinnitus than to play music over it. The volume needs to be up to overcome the noise level in my head, and high frequencies are more annoying than pleasant, but good quality audio Is a huge help as the detail is there without volume. If you know some way to slow down the tinnitus I would love to know.?
  5. As explained to me by an audiologist recently our listening discernment is affected by our emotions. If you enjoy music in public environments you may be listening to a lot of bass and not much high frequency. Hence listening at home will be a different experience. Also as your hi fi gear improves the muddiness of the sound reduces so you can hear details you could not before. This enables you to be more critical of what you are hearing so seek more detail and the whole situation snow balls. In the end listening is a highly personal experience which only you can find and be comfortable within. Enjoy.
  6. Oh I see 🤔😔 having looked further. The 50+ club applies to the number of posts? Not my age! If so I do not qualify at all. Apologies, I am still finding my way around responding and posting. Enjoying it all though. Am giving too much away about myself too. 😕😗
  7. Thank you Wen and Uncle Seth. Do I note a 50+ club? If so I easily qualify for that one. I have noted soundbars, and am impressed by the quality of small speakers these days, but I have my comfortable speakers from way back which also are nostalgic as they were part of my husband’s favourite set up. They remind me of many hours listening to music together. They were used in studios - Bag End Time-Align. Not the usual hi fi speaker. We have the one room for tv and music too, so there is no reason why I shouldn’t use the same system on both. thanks again for the welcomes. cheers
  8. Hi all, introducing myself as a newcomer. With my husband Graham Thirkell, I worked in the professional audio industry for 35+ years so have been spoilt by the very best of audio, although often at high levels. Having visited a audiologist recently because of disturbing levels of tinnitus I found my hearing drops off significantly at 3Khz, which is quite a hit. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy great music, nor find bad quality sound disturbing. I find myself critically listening to performances of all types and unable to cope with a bad mix or poor reproduction. So my home hi fi has always been very important to me. I am here because I have had to move to a digital amplifier so that I can enjoy better quality sound than the poor speakers in my TV set. I am dismayed by the quality of speakers installed in even quite expensive tv’s, not that ours is, but the sound quality should be equivalent to the visual quality.
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