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  1. WOW.....why are they still for sale...........are they to cheap.....
  2. I owned a pair of these speakers......& I can honestly say they are beautiful sounding........given the right amount of power, They need room to breath.
  3. Yes, your dead right about the power. I had them hooked up to my Harman & Kardon receiver, which was putting out 110 watts, they sounded like they were missing something & I ended up getting a Sunfire 5 channel power amp & bi wired amp & speakers there getting about 400 watts. Phenomenal difference. I used all three pairs of speakers for a while comparing & just loved the 140s
  4. Chris, what amp & watts were you powering the 140s with ?
  5. They're more than likely the same speakers you used to own. Did your XPL 140s have one small hole in the grill ?
  6. Hi guys. My name is Scott. This is my first thread. I bought a pair of JBL XPL 140A in May this year and absolutely love them. Over the years I've had a few speakers and I'am astounded on how good they sound. I bought the JBL's to use while I got around on fixing one of the crossover's on my B&W CDM9nt which I owned for 13 years and loved them. I also recently purchased a pair of Paradigm V4 also a great pair of speakers. I got a little confused on which ones to keep but I kept going back to the JBL's. I'm that content with these speakers I've sold the Paradigm and the CDM9nt. Just wanting to know how many people out there have experienced the JBL XPL 140A ?. What are your thoughts and are you still using them to this day and curious to what they would stack up to in today's speakers?. I also found that the 140 are good for HT as well. I thought I would just add to why I choose the JBL's over the B&W and Paradigms to my ears the B&W were better in clarity than the Paradigms & the Paradigms had better bass and I found instruments more musical in the Paradigms but the JBL's fill in the gap between the B&W and the Paradigms.The JBLS also have a better imaging That is just my experienced but all great speakers.
  7. Hi welcome, you have came to the right place.
  8. Nice speakers mate. Good luck with the sale
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