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  1. I didn't know there was "The great debate" I am sure it is the perfect place to waste time when you have too much of it. I did enjoy the thread and while it wasn't what started me on the search for a switch it has proven very helpful and want to thenk you for your effort making your list. Ironic that now the thread is going to be fill with exactly what you were trying to keep away from your system, NOISE! It's amazing it had a very good run before, but this last page indicates that now is going to be tedious finding new useful posts.
  2. Anybody knows a dealer in Sydney or Australia that normally stocks the Nuprime Omnia SW8?
  3. There was never an MK2 version in Australia. Only available in the US which would be US region (A) locked for BD and DVD's.
  4. Hi, Does it ever freeze and are you able to output the SACD layer through the Coax or is it only through HDMI? Thanks
  5. Since nobody else replied... I have been doing some research and so far have only tried a smaller unit than yours. What you call clinical could it be a loss of soundstage? I have found that at least some conditioners when used with power amps reduce the soundstage, even dynamics. In my case when used with the amp I loose bass, everything sounds a bit clearer but narrower and more localized in the speakers instead of surrounding me. Under this conditions to me for the power amp the conditioner is a negative but I need to test further. I did speak to a couple of people that felt the
  6. Go for the Magnat RV4 it'll be a great match for the 25.26, I rarely recommend with such certainty but in this case I do. https://www.stereo.net.au/news/magnat-releases-contemporary-rv-4-integrated-amp
  7. For the people who think in pick up, you might want to clarify whether it is in Sydney or in Victoria.
  8. Are your HDMI cables very long? One of them might not be very good or it is damaged, often near the plugs. Be very careful when plugging and unplugging because HDMI connectors can be damaged. Also in my experience the HDMI circuitry is prone to fail and cause problems of the type you are having and you can't know easily which device is the culprit. I would first try other cables. The things should work either way, you can use ARC like they've told you but I don't think your initial connection was wrong, in fact that's how I had mine for years, I believe the problem is caused by so
  9. Someone in the wanted to buy section was after one of these one or two days ago.
  10. I would first suspect the RCA cable going to the speakers, move it around plug it and unplug it, also look for interference created by power plugs not properly in ,or devices nearby
  11. I might be wrong but I believe those are single use, compressed with a special tool RCAs
  12. I know, especially those huge blue vu-meters in the amps are impressive, very nice room. Yes I've been there several times in the last few weeks, they have a great selection. The speakers are PMC fenestria I think.
  13. Nice but the speakers are PMC so I am not sure is 100% a McIntosh room. I am glad to hear you found an amp that matches your speakers better.
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