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  1. I have a Q90R in a very sunlit bright lounge and its awesome. The blacks are really good. Previously I could hardly see anything with my 2012 Sammy LED if the curtains were not drawn fully.
  2. Can any of the current owners of this product confirm that pre-outs are disabled on HT Bypass mode and hence the subwoofer will not work. The manual is not very clear on this. Thanks
  3. “If your subwoofer has only one “line in” jack, you may use a single RCA cable from either the left or right iNova “Pre Out” jack. Even with this single-cable hookup you will lose little or no musical information, since most recordings mix bass frequencies in mono.” so can I plug one cable in “each L & R pre out” of the amp and run it to the 2 Sub’s - SVS SB-2000 My denon 4500 has 2 sub outs so it’s pretty basic with that but I’m not sure how this will work with the integrated amp I want the subs to be connected to both the denon and amp and play depending on what am listening to. My intended setup is all 2 channel inputs connected to the integrated “amp and sub” and for movie watching the denon controlling everything including subs along with the integrated amp driving L & R. I have a 5.2.4 set up - Kef Q950, Q350,Q650,Q50A One important consideration is streaming as well. How do I achieve that other than docking the phone with this amp? Is there a better way to do it other than chromecast Audio? Thanks
  4. On my denon 4500x - I can see it on the network on standby mode and wake it up and stream music to it
  5. I'm in the same boat as you, however thinking of 5.2.4. So which one did you finally end up with OP and are you happy with it. Just out of curiosity what speakers are you driving with the Denon/amp
  6. Thank you Gopal and Mobe for your advice. I picked up the KefQ350's at a great price along with the Denon 4500. Got a local Sydney dealer to match the Selby special on the Denon, so pretty stoked with that. The Q350's are huge ( I did see them in the shop but its a bit different when you get them home and lift them and figure out how they go in your home, they are big and heavy ). As i have very young family ( 3 & 4 Year old ) the, speakers are still in their Box as I dont have a stand yet. Any recommendations for good stands, Kef are 8kg each Ultimately my plan is to buy Kef Q50A Dolby Atmos, for a 5.2.2 or 5.2.4 Config ( Wife will kill me) I cant go in ceiling. My guess is with the whole KEF Speaker Package it is best to maintain that for the atmos as well unless you guys reckon there are better Atmos speakers. I haven't set-up the Denon yet but am thinking i'll see how i go with the Denon (alone) before investing in a power amp.
  7. I think it would be hard to check this tv out at any store leave alone buy it. I have been waiting 3 weeks now for Samsung to deliver my Q90R65 - it’s out of stock.
  8. Thanks mate - i have sent the OP a message on gumtree. with the denon 4500 this set up, would i need an amp to drive the from LRC? Sorry I'm completely clueless. Do people normally drive the L and R only (Stereo) or i just depends on what the amp can handle. I saw a rotel 1066 here on SNA, would that do any good with the AVR i have in mind? thanks for reading
  9. I guess you are right as I had zeroed down on the Kef Q50A for Atmos so I guess I should save the cash and get the Q350's bookshelves, I originally had in mind, that will make it a full Kef System, i'm unsure of Kef produces a "Surround Speaker", will have to investigate
  10. i have the Kef Q950 and Kef Q650, is Klipsch a good match? I'll be going for the denon 4500 for the avr
  11. Hi guys - I am looking for a pair of a surround speaker and was advised by the dealer to go for the 250S. I have tried looking but not many reviews and also I think that the model has been superseded by the 502S. Comparing the specs of the two, I can’t see what the difference is. Can anybody shed some light pls. Thanks
  12. Thanks Guys. I went to audition the surrounds (they didn’t had the Polk) however at the shop I was highly recommended the Klipsch 250S surrounds. Any feedback on these
  13. Thanks mate, you reckon q350 should be ok for surrounds or Bipoles ?
  14. hi Guys, Am very new to all this and slowly upgrading my system from a base Yamaha 5.1 ( 6 years old ). I have to date got the Kef Q950 and Kef Q650C as LRC and SVS SB-2000 and my old Yamaha 10 Inch Sub. So am running a 5.2 at the moment and and i'm seeking thoughts on the next Steps in the build 1) The surrounds - is Polk Audio FXI A4 Bipole ($750) a good choice? - these will go on the side as no space behind the couch - i may later wall mount them, I had earlier ordered the Kef Q350 but i think they would be an overkill and cause they will be on the side am unsure if its a good addition - thoughts? 2)Receiver - I have nearly zeroed in on Denon AVR X 4500 ($2400) - .is this good or an overkill or something better is available at this price point 3) Kef Q50A - for Dolby Atmos to go over the Q950 for around $600 Would you suggest any changes to the 3 points above. lastly would the denon 4500 be sufficient to run the speaker in my build once done or would you suggest i get an Amp, if yes which one and how many channels, budget around $1000-$1500 I must point out that the lounge is a high traffic area with a young family but i'm keen to build a system mainly which would be used for all sorts of things from You tube to Foxtel to movies and music. The actual lounge area is 6 by 5 meters however opens up into the lounge/kitchen - so its fairly open area with glass windows on the right side, with curtains. The 2 Subs are placed between the 2 Q950's with the TV in the middle thanks in advance
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