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  1. I have a Q90R in a very sunlit bright lounge and its awesome. The blacks are really good. Previously I could hardly see anything with my 2012 Sammy LED if the curtains were not drawn fully.
  2. Can any of the current owners of this product confirm that pre-outs are disabled on HT Bypass mode and hence the subwoofer will not work. The manual is not very clear on this. Thanks
  3. “If your subwoofer has only one “line in” jack, you may use a single RCA cable from either the left or right iNova “Pre Out” jack. Even with this single-cable hookup you will lose little or no musical information, since most recordings mix bass frequencies in mono.” so can I plug one cable in “each L & R pre out” of the amp and run it to the 2 Sub’s - SVS SB-2000 My denon 4500 has 2 sub outs so it’s pretty basic with that but I’m not sure how this will work with the integrated amp I want the subs to be connected to both the denon and amp and play depending on what am listening to. My intended setup is all 2 channel inputs connected to the integrated “amp and sub” and for movie watching the denon controlling everything including subs along with the integrated amp driving L & R. I have a 5.2.4 set up - Kef Q950, Q350,Q650,Q50A One important consideration is streaming as well. How do I achieve that other than docking the phone with this amp? Is there a better way to do it other than chromecast Audio? Thanks
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