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  1. To PM a member, click on their Avatar (or touch). Somewhere on the page that comes up will be "send message" or an icon of "mail" or similar.
  2. Yikes Polystyrene - aka car body filler, the cheap plastic freebie toys from McDonalds etc ? Barely able to capture fine details from its mold. Is polyvinyl resin outrageously expensive?
  3. Always wanted to build some DIY electrostatics - they can protect themselves ZAP! - at about the shock level of an electric fence? edit: Welcome to SNA !
  4. Burning some midnight oil to provide data to the bean counters in London This fits late night / low volume / intense work rather perfectly ....
  5. Could you provide information on interstate shipping? ie. yay or nay ? Given the size, I can totally understand that it might be too much drama.
  6. That's a lot of preamp. Power supply especially. Looks pretty awesome
  7. Has to be HiFi? the vaping world has "VooPoo". No doubt a "lost in translation" thing. Slow sales at first - now the weirdness is probably part of the charm
  8. The SaaS (software as a service) model that Microsoft is pursuing to make their system catch up and be relevant to the "my personal computer is my phone" world is a lot of this. It is annoying to me - the computer is a place where I need choice and control. ie. Software developer - the machine cannot be allowed to reorganize itself anytime it wants to. Needs to remain stable. And when Netflix loses its schiit at some important time - the hunt and destroy mission to identify and pull the cord from whatever device in the house that decided to do a big update is also not fun. What happened to asking: Update required - Is now a good time to slaughter your internet?
  9. Lots of reasons, for different times. Some light on perhaps the "weirdest" of these: Much of my work is developing software in the engineering/math field. Contrary to what many might think there is art, or least fine craft, in that. An intricate piece of machinery, with highly structured sub-systems, an army of cooperating robots each doing their little parts. There is music that helps keep me in the mood for that. Other times it is party, or relax. Different music there. It's all good
  10. Back on topic .... Franken Krell on life support in the background. The new baby Krell getting a bit of diagnostic work done. Who doesn't pull apart amplifiers in their living room ?
  11. I have an older Cabernet Dual. Easily one of the sweetest bits of HiFi gear I have ever bought. Personal preferences are definitely part of this, various other tube preamps will offer different things. For me though - it brought some sheer bloody magic into my system.
  12. Damn it. I miss my 600C. She will be back some day real soon. No doubt at all its smaller sibling has an identical voice. Just lower voltage rails and fewer output devices. Well worth a listen.
  13. You should be able to configure some sort of 250-230 step down or isolation transformer - ie don't have to modify the unit. Use it like a step down transformer for 120V gear. Another possibility is that there are 110V step down transformers with dual secondary - ie gives you 220V with secondaries in series. Maybe even get one custom wound.
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