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  1. You also need the acoustics of a concert hall - ie. even the quietest rustle of sheet music can be clearly heard from considerable distances. Unlikely I will ever invest in the acoustic treatments required to obtain that level. I don't want HiFi to be locked away in the audio bunker. Headphones maybe?
  2. Welcome to the asylum. You will find a wonderful and very active community here in SNA. Lots of fun Maybe leave your wallet in a nice safe place before exploring the rabbit hole
  3. On Topic: Females prominent in the HiFi world operating with nitty-gritty technical passion. I can't find any. A few in Audio Production perhaps - fems that established technically excellent recording studios and record labels from the ground up. edit: maybe Rondi (D'Agostino) recently returned to Krell ? Also some passion there back in the day when Dan D'Agostino was running things: https://www.stereophile.com/content/sisters-sound-rondi-dagostino Off Topic: Very lucky indeed. It would be very reassuring to find females that love their HiFi gear. I'm not sure why I need that validation.
  4. The almost complete absence of females invested in this hobby is something that distresses me more than a little. In my recent past I have actively explored and promoted my "feminine" side. Don't laugh - it rescued me from a mid-life crisis that was heading towards poverty, despair and an early alcoholic grave. In the process I acquired rather a distrust for any patterns and behaviors that might be regarded as staunchly "male". Females can absolutely appreciate excellent results in Audio - i.e. "that sounds really good!". The idea that the "sound" is considerable better than what most people live with is also not lost on them. But very little interest in the details of how the system works, or in how rare, expensive, finely made, heavy, elaborate, impractical. All the things a proper HiFi nut gets great pleasure out of as they conduct their HiFi "journey". I believe the brain wiring is different male/female. Men seem to have the "spotlight" mind, intense focus on the details, disregard for factors outside that "focus". Women tend have the "floodlight" mind, seeing the whole pattern, a desire to balance the "whole". Not a blanket rule, no doubt plenty of exceptions. There is some recognition of this in the Corporate world - Females are often better managers - I prefer to have a female boss. Males can be better specialists. In the domestic situation a Male might need $xK to solve an urgent "doesn't sound right" crisis. Nothing else matters. A female will be thinking - $xK would have covered our holiday - do we really need new kit? Both views have value and require attention. boring random musing over ...
  5. I believe they are the soft start circuit. If a relay doesn't close super quick after power is applied they remain in series with the mains and cook. Usually means there is some issue with the power supply to the circuit that closes the relay - or something wrong with its timer circuit. Not sure that this is the problem with this one - thought it gets past that stage. To the point of ridiculous. The inverting/non-inverting signals in the XLR have entirely mirrored driver and output-stages tied to a floating common ground. These output to the two speaker terminals - i.e. both are driven.
  6. There are several relays involved in booting a Krell FPB. First one is on the soft-start board. It engages in less than 1/2 second and the unit is powered up. Any issues here and it won't start at all. ie. you won't get any lights at the front, it will power down immediately. If it powers up to standby, you are able to press the power button to continue waking it up. It then goes through a self check. After about four seconds the other two lights come on - more relays "click", and the unit is ready. Any issues with the self check - it will power itself down - ie. trip its own circuit breaker (self protection), this after about four seconds of pressing StandBY. Any idea which "relays" are the issue? If it is the first issue - fairly simple circuit in the soft start with known easy to fix issues. If it is the second - could indicate blown or shorted output devices, or some other issue presenting DC at the speaker terminals. Bit harder to track down that fault. edit: lots of interest in your EOI. suggest you set a higher price when you offer it for sale
  7. Put the hotter component on top? Probably a non-issue with headphone amplifier? ie doesn't get so hot
  8. forgot how much I loved Stereolab's first album
  9. Well aware of this. It is vital in professional sound? ie. long cable runs of small signal (microphones), line level signals, mains power, speaker cables. All lying next to each other. Balanced signals provide noise immunity for these. With the Krell I was referring to the fact that the two halves of the balanced signal are handled with separate amplifiers - ie. it has two per channel, four in total. The balanced design continues all the way to the speaker terminals: Red terminal gets the amplified non-inverting signal, Black terminal gets the amplified inverting signal. And I'm allowed to be wrong about that I believe it would better to send a balanced signal into this Krell, rather than unbalancing its input, and then having the Krell reconstruct the other half of the balanced signal that it uses in its design. Again - could be wrong.
  10. Totally get that: enclosed public spaces just about anywhere in our built environment aren't designed for human comfort or aesthetics in this regard - eg. shopping centers, airports. A continuous din of hard echoes from every tiny thing that happens anywhere.
  11. Seriously, I wish the food writers would even just mention the background muzak. Too often its a cheapy 3-in-1 with the speakers placed far far apart. Youngest staff member gets to choose the playlist. Doesn't mean its "their" music, instead they choose what they "think" the customers want. Can be anything at all. Volume level that allows polite over dinner conversation? Rarely ... Back to topic. I would just love to find a classy CBD drinking establishment with a top tier sound system. Ever going to be anything like that in Perth?
  12. I personally wouldn't worry too much about the second transformer changing mains AC quality delivered to the Fisher. Apart from a small derating for 50Hz - sounds like it was built for that? Also ... a) many other transformers upstream in the electricity distribution system. nearest one will be on your street? b) a big Krell power supply I just rebuilt actually had transformers in series: Main: 120+120V - portion of its output to a second 110V transformer. i.e. it had its own step down transformer built in. That second transformer powers the most critical regulated supplies of the small signal / driver sections.
  13. It will be a protection from an automated scanner trying to harvest data from the site - or similar. By introducing >10 second delays between creating search page results it makes any attempt to do that pretty futile. No doubt the searches consume a lot of server resources as well - and don't won't people hammering that. Just my guess - I tend to open search results in new windows. That way the original search page does not have to be recreated when I return to it.
  14. I do love all of those points. Patterns for etiquette are hard to establish and become practiced. If a discussion is going on about cable X vs cable Y, they don't need "cables are for idiots" If a discussion is about testing, measurement, bias, perceived reality, they don't need "I haven't looked back since installing magical cable Y" If I am rambling about some new magic in my system that I am coming to grips with - I don't need the sneering "Enjoy your expensive distortion box, the people doing it properly are over here with clean equipment that measures well". Really I just wanted how others feel about what I was hearing. To the innocent "I'm just getting started - do I need to pay $X for good cables?". Well, that just looks like a troll to me. A good troll knows how to fake the innocent: "I really don't know how to ask, can you help me?". No doubt many of these are as innocent as they appear. Direct them to maybe a good unbiased external article about the the issue - "come back if you have any questions?". The same people launching into the same argument would no doubt give an innocent newbie a "wtf" moment. Perhaps we need a more robust language about the anti-patterns. Then the inappropriate becomes easier to label and deal with: "no - you don't need to express that opinion in that thread - its not appropriate because ..." I don't know - this one is hard
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