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  1. Further information: Purchased new sometime around ~2016 to use as a Headphone AMP/DAC Have used with Shure IEM's, have also used with Sennheiser HD650's and HD800S, it powers these two headphones with ease although you need to the Gain setting switch up a notch or two on the unit to power them. Works great with Iphone and applications like VOX and Onkyo HF Player for hires audio. It also works great with any of the other PC based platforms; Roon, Jriver to name two. Comes with the following: Mini-M8 DAC/AMP unit USB Cable Carrying Case (Felt) Power Supply (Brick) Doesnt come with the 3 prong power cable - I had used one I already had you can get them at bunnings (IEC Power Lead - EC C13 10A Power Cable) Can post at buyers expense Specifications: Freq. Response: 20 Hz...37kHz THD+N: 0.004% S/N Ratio: 83dB Output Power: 165mW each channel. Output Impedance, balanced and unbalanced: 1Ω Supported Headphones 16...300 Ohm External power supply: +9...20VDC, full internal regulation Supplied power supply: Worldwide voltage range. Powers Mini-M8, Charges Mini-M8 and the connected iPhone/iPad/iPod, all at the same time. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Yeh you may have to inject the drivers into it in a manual fashion. Although most hardware manufacturers provide linux drivers these days.
  3. Hi Realysm42, Had not heard of Snakeoil before, have had a look at it, essentially it's a Ubunto distribution no doubt with just the bare minimum services running from the start. I guess the great part of most Linux distros is that they don't have a lot of the bloat that Windows Desktop O.S's have, like other services that are not required. The only draw back maybe some of underlying interfaces are not as user friendly as say Windows is from a Desktop O.S.. Thanks for your input, I may run this up and have a play
  4. Hey Muzzagruzz, How did the ECM machine pan out in the end? Have you still got it? I was thinking about an upgrade to our Espresso machine Breville Twin Boiler has been rock solid for over 3 years but I like my coffee and have always admired the ECM machines or Profitec (which are apparently the same thing). Be interested on your thoughts and where you are now with this machine / brand if at all? Of all places on an Audio Forum who'd of thought Kind regards Mark
  5. Item: Audiolab - MDAC Location: Brisbane, Sandgate 4017 Price: $450 Neg. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Replaced with another DAC Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only, Can Post at buyers Expense Extra Info: The DAC was purchased new and is in Excellent Condition selling as I have replaced with another DAC. Also, functions as a relatively good headphone Amp. I cant seem to locate the Remote Control, but I have on good authority (I’ve checked the compatibility on Logitech site) that any of the Logitech Remotes will interface with the unit, although I’ve never really used it myself as I have always used the unit as a Fixed Output Level mode, and used the Integrated AMP to control the volume etc. Specifications: DAC: ESS Sabre32 9018 chip Resolution: 32 bits Maximum Sampling Frequency: 84.672MHz Digital input: 2 x 24-bit/192kHz coaxial, 2 x 24-bit/96kHz Toslink optical, 1 x 24-bit/96kHz USB Digital output: 1 x coaxial, 1 x Toslink optical Output voltage: RCA: 2.25V RMS,XLR: 4.5V RMS Total Harmonic Distortion: RCA: <0.002%, XLR: <0.0008% Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz (± 0.2dB) Dynamic range: RCA: >115dB, XLR: >122dB Crosstalk: RCA: <-120dB, XLR: <-130dB Dimensions (H x W x D) 59 x 250 x252mm Colour Black Standard accessories power cord, user manual Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. HI Buddyev, The covers do come off, but the problem is that you would have to disconnect the wiring that runs on one side through a hole. Not practical just for polishing.
  7. Hi MultiplexMan, Is the Cerakote application something you would apply yourself or is this something an entity offers as a service.
  8. Hi MultiplexMan, Earle gave me some polish when I took delivery of the Amp Simichrome Polish, I dont know anyone that stocks it in a store up here in Brisbane or in other parts I would suspect it would be a internet purchase. The only draw back of not having clear coat over these covers is it wont last, the oxidisation will destroy the look at some point in the future. The Cerakote coating you reference is interesting but I'm not sure that it would work as I think it may get hotter than 150 deg. That was Earle's concern with his clear coat. He may have a solution now. I may reach out to him to ask the question. Cheers
  9. On the topic of the Artisan KT150 has anyone swapped out the Driver tubes for something different? Mine has Tung-Sol 6SN7 GTB's, I've noticed a few had Full Music 6SN7s. Thoughts?
  10. Restored! Well at least for now, polished covers back to how they were + plus a few sore fingers to add Tarnished Copper not the easiest to remove.
  11. Nice yeh they have come up really smick! Mine on the other hand havent faired so well. Still sounds fantastic though
  12. Hi Gypr1961, About 40 services concurrently running on Windows 10, so it may well need a further review of the services running. The thing with Windows Server is it s is a little more modular then Windows 10 and more applications are installed by default in the desktop version Windows 10 as opposed to Server O.S. Thanks
  13. Hey Thanks for the input Flamenco_diego Yes Ive invested in the following about 6-7 years ago SotM Sata Filter, SotM USB card and a Red Wine Audio battery powering the PC and the USB card. This was more about the O.S and making that as efficient as possible either by way of manually removing applications, services, and registry tweaks or with a 3rd party scripting tool like AO. Just wondering if anyone had achieve the same thing without the AO. Thanks again for your feedback.
  14. Item: Plessis Audio Model A Valve Amp Location: Sandgate, North Brisbane Price: $2200.00 - Prepared to Neg. Item Condition: Excellent (New Cond.) Reason for selling: It was passed on to me by my Dad, and being sitting in a Box for a while. (Have two other Amps) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, / Could also post at Buyers expense Extra Info: Was originally purchased from Len Wallis in Sydney by my farther who used it in his office as a small setup, I inherited it when he passed. Have another Valve Amp (Earle Weston) and a MF, this is just sitting in a box for the last few years seems rather a waste. The current/ original valves have only 135 hours on them. I've just unboxed it and integrated it into my system to test and sounds great. One of the other members (Sir Triode) here did a review of it here back in Feb 2017 (Link below), it goes by the name of a Classic. Whether Plessis rebadged it or Classic did who knows, in any case is sounds excellent. Can operate in both linear mode (40W) or Triode mode (20W) with a switch on the back of the Amp. It has a Bias Adjustment System via 4 dip switches and a dial. Has an Elapsed Time Meter to indicate how long the valves have been in use for. Specifications: See image of Specifcations from Manual. Photos:
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