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  1. Certainly appears to be the case. I may look at substituting them for more appropriate loudspeakers given what I now know Thanks once again to all for commenting and shedding some light on the issue
  2. After listening to @Ittaku's monoblocks with the vandy's (many thanks once again), I noticed the following: a reduction in the harshness I was experiencing at the higher volumes compared to using my amp as a power source, and a lot more control. Everything sounded tighter, if you will. However, bass did not improve. At all. What is the likelihood that the rubber on the surround of the driver is now harder, reducing bass? I ask only because there as been a comment suggesting that the drivers could be old and/or tired. Alternatively, perhaps I have overestimated the bass capability of the vandy's, which seem far more suited to classical and jazz than my perhaps more crude tastes. Otherwise, I'm at a complete loss
  3. Yeah it has a pre-out on it. I don't know anyone else in Melbourne with an amp of any description, let alone a class D power amp – unless another forum member in Melbourne is willing to be reasonably trusting and generous with their time... Made tentative arrangements to head back to the repairer to listen to some of the collection of amplifiers he had in store
  4. Power-supply capacitance: 20,000µF. https://www.stereophile.com/content/simaudio-moon-i-1-integrated-amplifier-specifications
  5. So what is the implication here in layman's terms? The rubber surround on the bass driver is brittle and old, reducing bass response? Just trying to understand correctly here, apologies
  6. Thanks for this insightful comment. I would suggest that the amp/room combination is poor. I'm really struggling to think of anything else that could be the case. I'd like to raise a couple of points to further the discussion. The Moon in question (I've read) had the largest-in-class transformer in one of the reviews I read. It also didn't clip at until ~64wpc, despite being rated at 50w (perhaps the same review, perhaps another). At the end of the day, if it doesn't drive the vandy's, it doesn't drive them. Now to try and source a suitable amp to borrow in the midst of stage 4 restrictions...
  7. They have been set up in my bedroom. Performance is the same - hence why I'm leaning somewhat into amplification options. Apologies for not making this known. There is slightly more bass if they are set up in a corner. Thanks for the suggestion
  8. Thanks. I'll investigate an alternate amp. I don't exactly want to dive into a new amp only to remain unsatisfied. Unfortunately all retail outlets are closed and I can't go outside a 5km radius of my home – severely limiting my options for the next 6 weeks. It's worth noting that the Moon was purchased used, and I am happy to continue purchasing used, which should mean I am able to find something suitable eventually.
  9. Ah, that would've been pertinent to add. Apologies. I bought the Moon probably around a month ago. If I were to sell it for approximately what I purchased it for ($1100), I could see myself adding another couple hundred for the right unit. So around $1500, but preferably less.
  10. That is what he said he did, yes. Hence my subsequent questions regarding an EQ etc.
  11. From further tests today and after discussing with the speaker repairer: - I don't believe a bass driver has failed. I can hear both separately, it's just bass is very light. I've tried reversing polarity of repaired unit (which resulted in a distinctly awful sound) and also the balance checks as suggested, which didn't really reveal much. Certainly both speakers are functioning. - Boyd from Total Recoil was using what he believes at the time was a Marantz PM-54, which has 10WPC more than the Moon I own. Crucially, he said he thinks the Vandersteens have rather weak bass, and that I should use the tone adjustments on my amp to adjust the bass until I reach a level that suits. He said he would've had the bass adjusted on the amp while listening to and subsequently demoing my speakers. So, in my mind this makes the amp something of a culprit, probably in conjunction with the poorly treated room that is my lounge. Would adding an EQ be a cheap and cheerful fix? Could I test this theory by making EQ adjustments with software on my laptop? If so, what program would be suitable? Failing that and provided I could sell my Moon (I'm currently in stage 4 Melbourne lockdown) what would be suitable alternate amplification? I'm open to the idea of a pre/power combination, and the simpler the better in terms of features. I apologise for the bombardment of questions and appreciate everyone's help thus far and going forward!
  12. There was damage to the shipping box and clear evidence one of the units had been dropped. One of the thin and fragile wires within the tweeter snapped, as I understand. I'm not sure I'm able to explain any better than that, apologies.
  13. I've always found iOS compatibility with Chromecast to be iffy. This is of no help to you, but my roomates occasionally have issues casting YouTube/Netflix to our Chromecast 2. Same as you – file keeps playing but the iPhone appears to lose connection. I have no such issues on my cheap Android phone. May be worthwhile casting Tidal from Chrome on a laptop to rule out issues with iOS/Chromecast not playing nicely together. Just a thought, and it probably doesn't solve your issue
  14. Thanks. Unfortunately due to the design of the Vandersteens I can't see the driver nor remove the fabric 'sock' surrounding them. I'll look into finding a bright enough light source to allow me to see through the fabric
  15. I suspect room and amp in combination (for my listening tastes). Unfortunately I daresay I wouldn't be able to borrow an alternate amp. Thanks for the comment
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