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  1. OK, so a very late update as the volume controller for my speakers (so that I can use balanced) was very delayed in the post. I now have the following chain; PC > USB cable > Schiit Modius DAC > XLR cables > Palmer Monicon monitor controller > XLR cables > JBL monitors No more noise at all! I can't remember if I mentioned this already, but the chain below that I was using while waiting for the monitor controller also worked; PC > optical cable > Schiit Modius DAC > RCA cables > JDS Labs Element II > RCA to TRS cables > JBL monitors
  2. I just recently purchased the Modius directly from Schiit, since nobody in Australia stocks it yet. I went with FedEx International Priority, which was $67.80 but of course the modius is a considerably bigger and heavier item than the Magni 3, which is what I'm guessing accounts for the difference in cost there. Schiit dispatched the unit on Thursday morning (Aus time) and it's currently in transit in NSW having left sorting. I expect it will be here early this coming week. (update: It came Monday) As a point of comparison, I quite recently bought the Element II from JDS labs, I opt
  3. Gotcha, yeah they would be the i series if bought around that time period (and e series are very clearly marked with an, which is hard to miss). In this case I think I'll pass, but thanks for the offer!
  4. Hmm, I'll definitely keep those in mind! I'm slightly wary of the 325 because I've always heard they're noticeably bright compared to other Grados, and the 225i I used to own was plenty bright enough. That said, is it the "i", "e" or the original version? I've heard the e version is bit tamer in the treble which would probably help.
  5. Item: Grado SR225i/e (or similar model) headphones Price Range: Make me an offer and we'll go from there! Item Condition: Used but in good condition Extra Info: I also used to own the 225i years ago when I first got into headphones, I miss that sound. I'm in the Melbourne Knox area, so if location is reasonable I can collect, but shipping at an agreed price is of course fine, too.
  6. With RCA I'm sure you're correct, but I'll be mostly interested to see if XLR deals with noise itself. Yeah they seem to be hard to find in shorter lengths and reasonable prices (from what I can tell the entire point of them is to transmit USB signals over longer distances), but I don't even know if it would even work for my purposes, and buying the DAC has other utility benefits anyway.
  7. There certainly is, I used the Audio GD as a DAC and fed the Element II a RCA signal from it. No noise at all from the speakers. From what I've read this is because the Audio GD while using optical input is galvanically isolated which stops the ground loop noise from being able to occur the way it can via USB, or something like that. At this point I've conceded to throwing some money at the problem to solve it, which I'm happy to do at this point as I'm totally over messing around with it. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that much. I'm going to continue using the Element II as my headp
  8. Nothing, they're there as analog input for the amp, if you want / need to bypass the DAC for some reason.
  9. Yes, the noise ceases when I disconnect the Element's usb cable. Yeah I tried this, the noise is as normal, so it seems to be directly related to them being plugged into the same circuit? I don't really know what this is or how to fix it. What could I have configured wrong to cause something like this? Could it be something as simple as not installing a particular driver? ---- So it seems I actually spoke too soon yesterday 😞 There is still some noise coming through the speakers when connecting them via extension to the next room, it's just fainter that
  10. It's a Corsair HX750i, so it's certainly not cheap crap by any stretch of the imagination, being 80+ platinum, fully modular etc. They're 3 metres long or so, they only run past other cables and sort of just hang around behind my desk. Yeah I'm using RCA to TS cables as the JBLs don't have RCA inputs. I was under impression that this unit only having USB was a big part of the problem as JDS labs themselves recommend on their FAQ / troubleshooting page to use optical if having this sort of issue, where possible. I was using optical with my old Audio GD which I'm guessing is
  11. Thanks for the input, guys. It's appreciated! Current update is that I got a ground loop isolator and a new (longer) USB cable. The latter made no noticeable difference to anything (other than allowing me to place the Element where I wanted) but the former had some interesting results. Let's just say that it didn't really fix the buzzing but rather moved it elsewhere. Before I had the isolator, my speakers would buzz when the pre-out mode was selected and the noise would disappear when the headphone out was selected. Now it's the opposite! They're fine when I'm actually using the speakers
  12. I'm having an issue with an electrical buzzing noise coming out of the tweeters of my active monitors, I'm trying to determine the cause so I can fix it (ideally without having to resort to ground loop isolators). On Monday I received a new JDS Labs Element II DAC/amp unit to replace my dying Audio GD NFB 15.32. The Element is USB only, where-as I was using an optical cable with the Audio GD. Upon changing over to the Element, I noticed a 'dirty' buzzing sound coming from the tweeters (JBL 305P MkIIs) that was not there before. This buzzing is totally independent of the volume pot on the
  13. Yeah, definitely a bit out of my price range, but thanks for the offer anyway. I've decided on the Element II at this point and will be pulling the trigger soon, thanks for the input guys!
  14. As I mentioned, the EL 2 stack is $150US more than the element II, and all you're getting is the 2 extra inputs, which is not worth it imo. I've heard pretty mixed stuff about Schiit products, a lot of people say they're overrated. I have the schiit mani phono pre-amp, though, which I've been happy with though that product seems to have a stronger reputation for its respective segment. The DX7 pro has a lot going for it, and I like that I can actually buy it locally which is a major bonus with the COVID situation. At $900 it's getting a little bit eye watering for my blood, though, a
  15. After 7 years my faithful Audio GD NFB 15.32 is dying on me, so I'm looking for a new solution. My use case is Windows PC -> DAC/Amp -> Headphones and powered speakers I primarily use my speakers over my headphones, probably about a 85/15 split. For what it's worth, speakers are JBL 305p MkII and headphones are Sennheiser HD 58X but both of these are subject to future upgrade, so I don't mind going with something that might seem 'overkill' for this tier of hardware. Features / things that I'm ideally after are; Great sound quality / specs for the price Pre-
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