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  1. I probably will as I like the look of them ergonomically, being able to adjust to the specific height I want them is something I was thinking about being able to do, but I also appreciate that they don't increase the footprint of the monitors the way the foam slabs typically do. But because of the price, I probably won't get them to start. We'll see.
  2. Yeah, I noticed that. It's gotta be said that they are pretty eye watering by comparison to the far more economical 'foam slab' style isolation pads that are widely available.
  3. Yeah, RCA in will be most convenient for me. Seems like he doesn't think the E8 are really any worse, though considering this pair I've found for the price I have, I can't help but feel it's a good deal. A good $200 less than new from the store, and $100 less than what storedj want for their own open box E8s. I'm gonna chase the guy up and see if they would include a receipt. He said he's willing to demo them so I'm strongly leaning towards giving them a shot. I did the measurements on my desk and they'd be a bit of a squeeze with very slight overhang off the edge of the desk, but I could fit them.
  4. Thanks for posting this! I was actually wondering if something just like that existed to be able to get the monitors at the right height. Do you have some experience with the brand? Funnily enough there's a guy nearby trying to sell some Eris E8s brand new for $490. The only reason I didn't jump at them was just due to the size probably being a little big for my desk. Link appears to be wrong?
  5. I've thought about going the passive route but I prefer the idea of actives for both simplicity but also the aforementioned space restrictions. Depends on how big and costly a good amplifier that can handle both speakers and a sub would be, I suppose.
  6. I'm looking to upgrade to some proper speakers for use at my desktop and could use any pointers I can get as I have essentially no experience with speakers or monitors. I've been getting by with the Swan M10s and relying on headphones for when I wanted something higher fidelity, but I want that to change. My comfortable budget is up to $500 for a pair, though I could be persuaded to stretch a bit if it was worth it. I intend to add a sub in the not too distant future, I just have to pace my expenditure for now. Due to both space and cost constraints I'm thinking 5 and 6 inch models would be ideal, beyond that and it would be a bit of an awkward fit on my desk (my desk is not small by any stretch, but I have two screens and a sizey computer on it, so there's only so much room to spare). I don't currently have room for stands beside my desk, either. I would be using these purely for casual listening pleasure, I'm not doing anything critical or professional with them. Music is my primary concern with my bread and butter being electronic and metal, with some other miscellaneous genres on the side, but they will also be used for a bit of gaming, youtube and movies. My source is an AudioGD NFB15.32, which I can use to control volume, so I'll be outputting RCA but it's no big deal to just buy some RCA to TRS cables. My desk is against a wall and because of this I was under the impression that a front ported monitor would be beneficial, though I don't know if this is true or not. A few of the new options I've been considering; KRK Rokit 6G3 @ $435 a pair shipped (after ebay voucher) Mackie MR524 @ $498 a pair shipped JBL LSR305P Mk II @ $569 a pair shipped, however it includes a Nano Patch 2 which I could probably sell for $80-90 pretty quickly to bring me under $500. I'm also not afraid of the used market, though nothing I've seen on gumtree has been particularly impressive, mostly people asking too much lol. I'll have a look on the classifieds here and maybe make a wtb thread. Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but the desktop audio section is overwhelmingly headphone related so I thought it was better to ask here. Thanks!
  7. OK, my Nagaoka sleeves arrived, some even better results with these. First off, I bought some mini LP sleeves. I went with the gatefold ones as I heard the regular ones were too small and the three mini LPs I own are 2 CD gatefolds anyway. They're good, nice fit, no issues. The second sleeve I got was a thick multi-disc sleeve. I'd say these were a tad disappointing, I'm probably not going to buy any more of them, but they're decent. My 3CD blade runner soundtrack is the only thing they're a decent fit for, however it's a little bit too thick and baggy even then, but I'm gonna keep them around as I can imagine I might eventually own something that these are a good fit for... It's also lacking some height so anything taller than a standard digipak will poke out. This sleeve has the bottom corners cut out so it sits nice and flat on the shelf. I've saved the best for last. These DVD sleeves are excellent. The DVD sleeves I bought from sleeve City were just a tad too small to fit CDs in horizontally, and when I saw that these ones were marginally wider I thought they might be spot on as a medium sleeve. They are. They beautifully accommodate anything thicker than a standard jewelcase such as slipcase releases, digibook releases and some multi-disc digipaks. The largest CD I've managed to fit into it is a 6 panel, 2 CD (2 plastic trays) digipak that is around 12-13mm thick. It fits pretty much perfectly without much trouble getting it in, I wouldn't want to go much thicker than that for this sleeve. Their bottom corners are cut out so they sit nicely. I'll definitely be stocking up on these. As long as you don't mind having to trim their height yourself, I highly recommend them. Pretty happy, I at least now have sleeves of some kind for everything in my library now, but I'm still on the hunt for something ideal for my thickest CDs. I'll see if there's anything else on cdjapan that's worth trying, as I'm going to buy more stuff from them anyway, but I'll also have a look at what bags unlimited offer. I've saved them as a last resort because of their shipping charges, but here we are.
  8. Yeah, I may end up needing to get some kind of other anti-static solution. I was basing my assumptions on this video which seems to demonstrate felt and cork imparting much less static on the record than rubber;
  9. The potential issues of coupling two mats was something I forgot to ask about, however the reason I wanted to go that way is because it seems like it would be a lot easier as my table has an unusual spindle which is wider at the base (due to it being swappable it seems). The stock mat is about 3mm thick or so. I didn't know headshell spacers existed, thanks for the heads up, that has good potential to help me achieve the same thing.
  10. I don't care about SQ impressions, but I do care for people's experiences because I've read some claims of it, and some other cork mats, leaving little bits of cork on the records which seems rather undesirable. I am also curious about how they hold up over time in regards to general durability, as well as their effectiveness of combating static.
  11. To make it absolutely crystal clear, I'm not looking to buy a mat for any alleged sonic properties (I'm highly sceptical about claims of mats improving dynamic range and bass response etc. but feel free to provide measurements that demonstrate it!) but to correct my VTA and cut down on static. I figure a 3mm thick mat will bring me to roughly where I want to be, the Pro-Ject one is conveniently available, so I guess I'm asking if anyone has experience with it? That's definitely too much for my blood, lol. It's over three times what I paid for my cartridge (AT95e) and approaching half of what my turntable cost. It'd better be crafted from the pubic hairs of a unicorn and be dipped in gold for that much.
  12. I'm not sure how many mls I'm using per side but I can thoroughly recommend the studymate clear gum glue from officeworks, for when you run out of your current supply. 1L bottles are $10.98, making it the most economical option to my knowledge; particularly since most people can pick them up local and dodge shipping. To put it into perspective, vinyl revirginizer is anywhere between $58 to $100 a litre (the cheapest I've seen the 500ml bottles going for is $29 but many places sell it closer to $50, which is just stupidly overpriced for what it is). I'm of the opinion that less paper tabs is better, as I find the paper tabs are usually the hardest parts to peel off, so I just use one. No matter how lightly or carefully I place them they always make their way through the glue and get close to the vinyl surface, so just a single thin-cut tab is the way to go from my experience. Once I've peeled the first tab I know that the rest is going to come off without issue, as long as it's dried thoroughly.
  13. A couple of weeks back I got my hands on a Technics SL-1350, I'm quite happy with it though there are two shortcomings I'm trying to address with it. The table does not have VTA adjustment, which I knew going in, but also I'm noticing my records are generating quite a lot of static during playback with the stock mat. When reading the manual I noticed this; Given that this is an automatic changer TT, the VTA is optimal with 3 records on the platter. I'm using it just to play singles, of course, so what I was wondering is if it would be a good idea to get a cork mat to put on top of the stock rubber mat as a 'two birds, one stone' solution to bring the VTA closer to zero and to cut down on static. If there's no downside to this that I'm missing, what's a good cork mat? I know the pro-ject cork it is available at a pretty reasonable $30 shipped, though I did see one person complaining about it leaving bits of cork on their records. Thanks in advance.
  14. Item: Stanton 680 EE Cartridge Location: Rowville, Melbourne Price: $65 Item Condition: Used and working Reason for selling: Not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This cartridge came with a turntable that I recently bought from @Prana69 who can vouch for it's working condition. I heard it myself when auditioning the table and it sounded fine on the record I tried, though it likely is due for a new stylus. Some discolouration on the pins as pictured but otherwise looks good. Pickup from Rowville or postage can be arranged at buyer's expense. Photos:
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