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  1. Another good option by the looks of it. Right now I'm looking at a Technics SL-1350, it's within my budget. Do you think that's a better option than the likes of the entry level music halls and pro-jects? There's also a Pro-ject 6.1 available, but I'm leaning more towards the Technics for its features.
  2. OK, so here's my dilemma; The seller got back to me, it turns out it's not the speedball version and is the regular DC version (so it would require lifting the platter up to change speed, which seems annoying), though he agreed he could do $450 if I pick it up today or tomorrow. That's a pretty good price for a new one. My problem comes when I saw this comparison video; between the Project Debut Carbon DC with the red 2M cart on it (which means the only thing different between it and the one I'm looking at buying is the platter), the Rega Planar 1 and another Sony TT. The skinny of the video is that this guy, with direct A/B comparison, doesn't like the Pro-Ject at all and finds the Rega to be superior on basically every front in terms of sound. I wonder how much of this is down to the Red cartridge? FWIW he is using the exact same phono as me for this comparison. Another pretty unpleasant revelation from the video that I didn't know about; the tonearm isn't even carbon fiber. It's aluminium with the carbon fibre just wrapped on top, so the whole "light weight and rigid!" marketing BS is just that. Do you think I should dodge a bullet here and give this table a pass? I'm pretty patient and am willing to wait for something better to come along (and also possibly just put more money together).
  3. I certainly am, it looks so damn sexy! I have contacted the seller and waiting for a response from them. I only have two reservations about that particular model, apparently a lot of people experience hum with it (though there's also a number of people saying they've implemented some fairly basic fixes to resolve it) and I don't know what the situation is with controlling the speed. I have no idea what you're supposed to do if its running too slow or fast, or if there even is anything you can do.
  4. If it's new in box as advertised then it'll come with a Ortofon 2M Red.
  5. I found someone selling a Pro-ject Debut Carbon Esprit for $500, says its new in box and has been sitting on his shelf for 4 years. Think that would be worthy of a stretch? They're about 7-800 new.
  6. While I certainly could do that, I would need good reason to do so. Keep in mind that I'm a casual vinyl listener, on average I listen to maybe a record a week, my primary listening station is my desktop where I play FLACs. What important characteristics or specific features am I going to get with a $800 turntable but not at $400? Are there any specific models you would suggest that are worth spending twice as much on? The reason I picked $400 is not only was it a number I was comfortable with, but it seems reasonable relative to what I spent on the individual parts of the rest of my chain ($150 - $250). Also my technics that I'm using was $95 used (I replaced the stylus on it for $30 and that's it) so quadrupling that seemed like it would net me a nice upgrade, no? Is it customary to spend much more on your turntable than everything else? I was under the impression that it is not. Forgive my scepticism, it's just my experience that no matter what number you pull out of your hat, there is almost always someone in the Hi-Fi community who will insist that it isn't enough and that you need to spend twice as much to get something even worth listening to. Though in this case I do realise that the numbers I'm talking aren't high at all for a turntable.
  7. There's a number of perks with buying new, so having these options are great. the Music Hall does look pretty cool. I do wonder about it having an inbuilt phono, it says you can switch it to line ouput, but the LP120 says the same thing but I've read extensive claims that you can't actually truly bypass the crappy phono on that TT without modification. I wonder if, this is also being a more budget TT, that it will have the same problem?
  8. I've been using a Technics SL-BD20 for about 3 years now since I got into vinyl, and after upgrading the rest of my chain I think it's time I graduated to something a little nicer. I'd like something under $400, which I'd say makes the used market a no-brainer. I suppose I'd like something with more consistent speed that is actually adjustable (my Technics has the counter weight and anti-skate configured from factory, and there doesn't appear to be any cart alignment possibilities). I found a Rega Planar 1 for $300, however the non-adjustable anti-skate and captive RCA cables don't impress me. Any pointers would be appreciated as I have to admit I don't really know what to look for, so a keener eye would be helpful! I should probably mention what the rest of my chain is. Currently: Technics SL-BD20 > Schiit Mani v1.2 > Marantz SR7500 > JDS Labs Atom > Sennheiser HD58X Jubilee. This is a headphone only setup for now, my current living situation just doesn't allow speakers at the moment. That'll come later.
  9. I may give some of these a try, I do need to get some mini-lp sleeves so I may as well try some of the others while I'm at it. What about locked tight sealable lunch bags. They are heavy duty and come in various sizes. Just a thought. This could certainly work though I'd prefer something that is optimally sized/shaped so there isn't a ton of excess.
  10. Got my full refund after a brief back and forth with seller. I don't think the support person I talked to quite grasped the issue, our conversation (condensed) was basically; Me: I've received a bad pressing and I don't want a replacement, can i please have a refund? Support: We're sorry to hear that your item was damaged in the post, would you accept a 20% refund? Me: The item was totally undamaged and showed no signs of being mishandled, it's simply defective from the factory. I'm going to chuck it out once the matter is resolved and I would not be happy with 20% as I'm not left with a satisfactory product. Support: Our apologies, we will issue you a full refund and will investigate this matter with Royal Post. Whatever, I'm happy, glad they covered me without having to make a claim with eBay.
  11. I've ordered 3 sleeves from sleeve city, I'll let you know how they fare once they arrive.
  12. A good suggestion, though it looks like I've found a few good options. Sleeves designed to fit around standard jewel-cases should do fine for regular digipaks and I suspect they could squeeze in slipcases as well. I found some places that sell them fairly cheap; https://www.bagsunlimited.com/product/3307/cd-jewel-case-sleeve-fits-over-jewel-casebr5-38-x-6-4-mil-polyethylene https://www.sleevecityusa.com/resealable-mylar-single-jewel-case-outer-sleeve-p/polyprocd.htm But they also are pretty common on eBay and Amazon. Seems I've got a lot of options there. As for anything thicker, I haven't been able to find anything made particularly for CDs, but it looks like DVD sleeves could work well. https://www.sleevecityusa.com/clear-dvd-case-wrapper-100-pack-p/dvd-sleeve.htm https://www.sleevecityusa.com/resealable-dvd-boxed-set-sleeve-p/6multi-slv.htm I'd simply need to cut them down with scissors for whatever I'm putting in them, which I think would work fine! I'll give it a try and will report back with my findings.
  13. An option, though the min order is 250 which is very excessive for my needs and more than I'm comfortable buying when I haven't tried them.
  14. Never heard of Juno, just gave them a look and found something I wanted at a pretty competitive price, so I'll give them a try.
  15. Not sure if this is the right board, apologies if it isn't. I'm looking for some sleeves for my growing CD collection, for everything that is anything but a standard replaceable jewel-case. Regular 4-6 panel digipaks are of course the main culprit, but there are other larger, multi-disc digipaks and digibooks that are a lot thicker in my collection which I'd need something else for. The Blade Runner, Emperor and the two Celtic Frost CDs in the pic below are what I'm talking about; I'd also like to sleeve anything with a slipcase as well. Basically if it's cardboard on the outside, I want to protect it. Does anybody have experience with any sleeves / bags which they could point me to?
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