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  1. Congrats man you will love the amp.. guess can't wait to pick it up from Matt
  2. Just started on LP journey... Yehuda Menuhin - plays Britten, Tippett & Corelli
  3. Great topic!! Sonically, HE100SE to be one of the best sounding planar CAN for my taste.. don't know about their durability or QC issue as it's out off my budget.. For me they had the best sound stage and detail out of the Plannar can.. haven't heard Susvara but so far this was the best sounding CAN for my taste But as you know I have very different taste to most of people...
  4. Still in email communication with Eric.. its been more than 2 months since picking up the amp... He has helped customize further after the pickup
  5. Matt will let you know more but after trying both amp, which were nearly identic but timE had a tiny bit more sparkle...
  6. Hifi Plus is cost extra and allows you to listen MQA master quality.... if you are getting HiFi plus as a free upgrade it is awesome deal. Thanks. Not sure what is the catch.......
  7. I agree with your statement and BIG PLUS for Tidal connect!!!! this is so awesome i have both Qobuz, trial for now, and can't really differentiate day and night with sound quality but it has so little catalogue and even less for high res music ... will stay with Tidal for now...
  8. Eric has changed my driver tube to 6DN7/6EW7 and been testing 6EW7 today and a little disappointed with its soundstage. Bass extension and treble detail, still was very good. Overall tonality or separation has not been affected much but soundstage width suffered .... in my opinion... Aesthetically it looks good with the socket converter but might have to give this one a miss, as genre I listen is 99% classical music... Will now test 6DN7 for a day two and report back.
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