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Before you spend a cent on a new component, Hi-Fi, Home Theatre - start with something FREE! - OUR ADVICE!
Sound Station is a family owned business that seeks to serve you with the finest Audio and Visual products. We are a little different to the impersonal stores you may have been used to.
At Sound Station we craft from our pantry of suppliers truly stunning High Fidelity Systems, Home Theatres and AV Lifestyles that express your soundtrack to LIFE!
Sound Station is directed by Blair McCosker. He grew up around music and loved hearing it reproduced faithfully. He first became hooked on HiFi upon hearing 'A Day in the Life' by the Beatles, through a set of headphones, when he was 11. He soon set about buying and listening to music through a plethora of components and speakers. His love for HiFi equipment led him, as a young teenager, to frequent all the HiFi stores in Gatton, Ipswich, Toowoomba and Brisbane.
Blair worked with Arthur Baker's Lockyer HiFi in Gatton and then moved into being the number one National HiFi salesperson for Brashs in the nineties. He eventually became the Manager of Brashs in Toowoomba and won the National Store of the Year twice!
Upon the closure of Brashs as a company, Blair moved on to starting his own HiFi store called - Fine Fidelity. He built Fine Fidelity into one of Australia's premier HiFi stores winning numerous awards and accolades. He eventually sold this store to pursue another field of work, serving in the community of Toowoomba for a number of years.
Blair was then offered a position to manage a new retailer that came to Toowoomba in 2007 - JB HiFi. He opened and managed this JB HiFi store for almost seven years.
Now with Sound Station, Blair has developed a selection of excellent quality products and services.
"A large chasm exists in the retail environment today - between the 'stack 'em high, sell 'em low and have no one to serve thats in the know' mindset and what we at Sound Station offer : a more personalised, unpressured setting focussed on high quality products with excellent knowledge and service ", Blair said.
Our "Listen & See Lounge" is located right in the Heart of Toowoomba CBD and we are here to serve you. Contact us to make a no obligation bespoke appointment so we can learn & assist first hand at creating your Sound Track to LIFE!
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