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  1. Btw from all the ‘best ever’ things that I have heard till date, these standout : Moon 430HAD Stax 007 Omega MKII Sennheiser HD800s MDR Z1R Kann Cube (very very nice power and dac) Final D8000 Chord Hugo TT (TT-1) Auralic Taurus amp Audeze LCD4 (uffff that price) Hifiman HE1000SE (again pricing is an issue) Benchmark HPA4
  2. 😂 Plenty of rice where I come from and where I live, but can’t cook good biryani even if my life depended on it.
  3. Don’t know how to cook biryani The part of the world I come from , rice is a delicacy. Talk tandoori chicken , (charcoal) kebabs , whisky , rum , beer and you sorted !
  4. I can host. Have space to setup and host at least 10-15 ppl. , with plenty of parking on my premises. Need to buy those foldable portable Bunnings tables or if someone’s got any in Sydney , get em along. I have one.
  5. Very nice headphone and that cable alone sells for $600-$700 from A2A . An especially excellent buy for someone with HD800s/820 (or planning to own one) as the cable in this package makes a definite sonic difference to 800s / 820 Have both, hence can vouch ... And needless to say, excellent seller to deal with, ease of mind purchase. GLWTS
  6. Quite impressive headphone , cult following kinda for an exceptional price given it’s near new
  7. Wp900 didnt like them in the first test run. Maybe I should try them again at Minidisc .
  8. Amazing device, Amazing owner, Amazing previous owner
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