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  1. Artisan 150 will be fine blakey , you just need to factor in the real estate this amp takes up.
  2. I'd imagine these have been produced primarily for the Japanese market , anything else is a bonus. 50 watts in class A will be just fine coupled up to those big high sensitivity JBL's and Tannoys that they manage to squeeze into small rooms. Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture will sound like the coming of the 3rd Sino - Japanese war.
  3. Hi Col , Another member has indicated intent to purchase , just waiting on payment. Regards , Mark
  4. Item: Matched Pair KT-150 Power Tubes Location: Brisbane Nth Price: $ 110.00 for the pair ( includes AP delivery to all OZ post codes ) Item Condition: 80% Reason for selling: Found in the cupboard and NLR as I have sold my amp Payment Method: Pickup , Paypal , BT Extra Info: Part of my spares collection , these have been cycled around between a couple of amps which is why I have them @ 80% ( a rough estimate would be that they have around 300 hrs on them. Normal usage for this tube is 5000 - 8000 hrs , Barium is still clearly seen with no translucence. Tubes will be double-boxed with appropriate packaging. Grab yourself a couple of backups at a good price to have on hand if your loyal friend decides to drop a cylinder.
  5. Thanks for all the interest guys , cables now all sold off.
  6. Hi anthony vinyl , Sorry mate , they all went pretty quickly.
  7. I have 2 sets of the Blue Jeans Cables , one set already spoken for , the 2nd set are your's.
  8. The Blue Jeans Cables are your's thejt.
  9. Items: Interconnect Cables ( Variety ) Location: Brisbane Nth Price: Varies ( refer below ) Item Condition: All in excellent condition Reason for selling: Surplus to requirements Payment Method: Pick-Up or Australia Post ( Cash on Pick-Up , Bank Transfer ) Extra Info: All pricing includes postage costs to destination Batch 1 : Blue Jeans LC-1 RCA Interconnects ( 0.75m ) USA bang for buck cable utilising solid copper Belden cable , double-braid shield and low capacitance. $ 25.00 landed Batch 2 : Aurealis R1 ( Old School ) RCA Interconnects ( 0.75m ) Local cable guru who won lots of fans with this 1st incarnation of the R1 series $ 50.00 landed Batch 3 : Aurealis R1 RCA Interconnects ( 2m ) Updated version of the original series with KLEI Bullets $ 100.00 landed Batch 4 : Anticables RCA Digital Interconnects ( 1.5m ) Wacky American interpretation of a 75 Ohm digital interconnect , these cables have the new ACElectrum™ silver/gold signal wire $ 100.00 landed - crazy man....
  10. @Darren69 , it's not entered as a method of payment but he may take body parts garnered from a fellow human ( he says he's flexible ).
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