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  1. Hey mate! I've chucked the link to these up on our website and FB page. Good luck with the sale and move overseas!
  2. In amongst a lot of time working on the release of our speaker kits, we haven't lost focus of where it all started with NBSC, speaker cables! Today, we're happy to drop a whole heap more putting a twist on some old favourites, a new flagship speaker cable and a much requested interconnect. Kingpin: The new mob leader! Just when you thought 11 AWG was overkill, we beefed things up further with an 8 AWG speaker cable. With nearly twice the cross sectional diameter of wire and nearly half the resistance, we're sure this one will be popular with those that like to take things a little
  3. While perusing our site, you may have noticed we have quite a few cables marked as 'Out of Stock'. I just wanted to touch on a few of the reasons why and what's planned for each cable. Unfortunately, the main reason for a couple of our cables being out of stock is they wire used in the cables is being discontinued. Currently this affects our Dr Octopus, E.T. cable and soon our Juiced Gymnast along with possibly our Bodybuilder. As you all know, every one of our cables uses wire made here in Australia. Unfortunately, due to cost, most companies are now purchasing imported cable, mos
  4. Initially, we will be kicking it off with a simple 2 way bookshelf. The kits are going to be offered in a few different ‘tiers’ depending on how “DIY” you want to go. The basic kit will contain just the driver and crossover components and you will have to source the wood and build the cabinet yourself. Cabinet dimensions, crossover plans etc will be provided. The step up from that will provide a ‘knock down’ MDF cabinet. We have invested in a CNC router and have done a lot of work on designing the cabinet parts to to “interlock” so assembly is super easy (check out our Inst
  5. It's been another massive 12 months for NBSC and we continue to be amazed and flattered by the support we've been receiving and the feedback we've been getting about our cables. While I won't bore you with our life story (to skip the boring bits, head down below to see our new processing time frames), we feel what differs us from a lot of companies out there (especially in the audio industry) is our transparency and honesty when it comes to our products and processes which is why I wanted to give you all a little update on where we're at and what the future looks like for NBSC. We'
  6. G'day Steffen, We use it with our 11 AWG wire no worries, but I wouldn't go too much thicker than that or the screws may hang out too much and clash with the 'cover' that goes over the top. Cheers!
  7. After a short hiatus (aka me getting my $hit together and organising another batch of plugs from our good friends at @Krix Loudspeakers), our Krix Edition Speaker Cables are back in stock! Check them out here: https://www.nbspeakercables.com.au/products/krix-edition
  8. Further information: As new pair of 0.5m Dr Octopus Cables swapped over for a longer length. Never even had power run through them. Price includes postage. Can be purchased at the link below: https://www.nbspeakercables.com.au/products/0-5m-dr-octopus-bi-amp-pair NB Speaker Cables, in partnership with Bambach Cables, is proud to introduce… Dr Octopus! NB Speaker Cables’ answer to your ongoing requests for a Bi-Wire/Bi-Amp option. We’re super excited about this one because it will be the first (and for the foreseeable future, the only) Australian
  9. We think so too! Though we do get a bit of confusion on "is it a pair or per cable". We do cover it in our FAQ and at the bottom of every product page but if you're like me a skim over pages, it is easy to miss! We don't charge "linear" (or close to linear) prices metre by metre like a lot of manufacturers do as it doesn't justify the price. Every cable needs 4 plugs, the same amount of heatshrink and time to assemble, regardless of length. The small jump mainly covers wire cost.
  10. Still not following sorry mate! If you would like a 0.5m cable, you click the dropdown, then select 0.5m and the price is shown (see circled in red), you can then add to cart. If you would like a 3m cable, you select 3m instead (price also shown, see circled in red). Quantity is then done at checkout. In this instance, the checkout shows the model (All Rounder), the length chosen (3m) and the quantity (2) and total price. Shipping is done on the next page (though is Free for all domestic orders). It's the same format as almost all online stores we run into s
  11. Not quite mate. 1x 0.5m cable is $53.95. Use the dropdown and click 3m, it will show $59.95 which is the price for the 3m version. A 10m is $73.95 etc. Hope that makes sense ?.
  12. http://www.quickmeme.com/img/c4/c41220cfe4f7c510921d0f7dfa32199ff6b4ac6d7613ce0344335d6e723e5fb6.jpg Thanks for the shout Ittaku, we always appreciate the support ?. initforthemusic, it's impossible to vouch for subjective qualities in a cable but if it helps, we've sold hundreds of interconnects and continually get good feedback. We've had them compared to cables $1,500+ cables. We're not here to make bold claims or ridiculous promises. You may like our cables, you may not. Like all companies, we chuck our hat in the ring as another option. We feel our point of differe
  13. G'day All, We'd like to take a bit of an opportunity to introduce ourselves. My brother (Micah Miller) and I (Jeshua Miller) founded NB Speaker Cables in the quaint little town of Greenock in the Barossa Valley in August of 2018 out of frustration that there was no option for 'no bs', well priced speaker cables that looked cool. Our mission is in our name, NB (No Bullsh*t) Speaker Cables. We want to provide good quality, ‘Aussie as possible’ cables without having to break the bank. We don’t claim to have the ‘best’ cables or claim the title of ‘Audiophile Grade’. We simply provide
  14. Annnnnd we're now a forum sponsor! Thanks for the shout out mate! You'll see us around the traps from time to time. We will do a little spiel on our dedicated forum once i get my $hit together but in the meantime, link above as posted by Bisguittin. Be sure to bail me up if you have any queries Also, just to clarify, we're in Greenock, not Lyndoch. A small country town in the Barossa either way (but our quaint little town of Greenock is muuuuuch cooler than Lyndoch). Cheers! Jeshua Miller Director & Chief Cable Techy NB Speaker Ca
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