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  1. Don't matter, without the auto eq in place. manual eq to boost 80-150hz didnt improve the the midbass punch. Next step is to move the system into a closed room as some have adviced if the air volume isnt fixed, its hard to couple. That said, we get plenty of punch in open area concerts so im not sure if thats the solution.
  2. Forgot to mention i got a Trinnov DSP FIR used for crossover & EQ so the response i get at the seated position is exactly as per what i set for the EQ. The system is in a concrete apartment open plan living room which the EQ would've resolved any high bass peaks that might overpower the mid bass that is present. I do get deep articulate bass but what I am not getting is the chest thumping kind. Is what I want some kind of colouration?
  3. I have tried various amounts of eq from 0.1 to 6db in the in various bands between 40-120hz but no joy. The bass weren't chest thumping still.
  4. Hiya, im sitting on a pile of AE woofers (TD15M, TD15X, SBP15, SBP12, TD10S), just joined the forum. Lo & behold i found something very interesting to me. I have NOT manage to get any good decent punchy bass from them so far in my probably wrong sized cabinets. With the 2226 having an official Qts of 0.31, i'm assuming any AE driver within 10% of that suitable. Where can I find the maths or calculator to find out the suitable size and tunings for my AE drivers?
  5. Found an old picture, thats when there was 1 bass woofer and the mid was in a sealed cabinet. The wooden baffle is now standalone with the TD15M mids. The white cabinet now holds 2 SBP15 bass woofers each. Im not getting the bass right for these when ported so i just seal them for now. Amps have also been upgraded to Anaview class D amps. The Trinnov ensures its minimum phase ~500hz through to 20khz and fixes any room issues below 150hz in IIR. I listen a flat line eq curve that is a slope ~9 or 12db down @ 20khz compared to 20hz. As for the sound, im assuming due to the accurate phase and very good constant directivity courtesy of the M2 waveguides, every instrument is right sized. The beryllium compression driver gives highs that are beyond words. With no colouration of its own, it is whatever the music is. In furious drum solos in jazz recordings you can hear quite clearly each stroke on the cymbals and their multitude of nuances. What you thought was a revelation on home audio ~30mm beryllium tweeters sounds more open, at ease and even more detailed on the compression drivers. Normally I detect a difference in fidelity (measurable differences distortion levels in REW) between the BE tweeter and whichever midwoofer but thankfully the JBL BE & TD15M both measure equally (and amazingly) low at ~-70db from signal so its impossible (at least for me) to hear when the mid hand off to the compression driver and vice versa. Being active and corrected to a flat response means every instrument is tonally spot on Also, im not sure why but only once in a while you can hear and feel the tempo of the music, in particular, Dali CD 4's Pirates of the Carribean OST. There is a effect of the music jumping out at you with each crescendo. You can (and we did) listened to all sorts of genres of music from metal to pop on youtube for hours on end without fatigue and the music is generally quite enjoyable. I could acoustically locate the deliberate imaging of the 5 musicians front of me in a dreamtheater track friend chose. Another superpower of the system is that you can hear very clearly and enjoy music at very very low levels. Much lower than my other home stereos. In short, no regrets building this multi part monster that uses so much parts & cables. Back they were a 2 way with the TD15M, I felt they perform better and is more dynamic than very well tuned Von Schweikert VR11s I was fortunate enough to experience in the MLP playing alot of rock LOUD. It has drawbacks, whilst I am getting this effortless bass, it lacks the chest thumping punch. Any low bass material is off very high fidelity but it just lacks the punch in the nads and thump in the chest. I believe its due to one or all of the 3 things. The chest thumping i want is unnatural and is tuned in home hifi as deliberate colouration The bass drivers simply could not be driven hard enough in the home environment to deliver the harmonics to give some punch. Adding a few db across 40-160hz in various bandwidths, up to 6db in various configuration did not help at all. The space, a 700sqft concrete open plan living room did not have a fixed air volume for the speakers to couple to. Currently in pieces whilst i move it from the living room to the study room. More pics when its back up in its new form that includes a workable solution for the midbass heft that i want.
  6. Ardent music lover and hard core diyer of speakers and amps. I currently run a frankenspeaker of my own creation. JBL beryllium compression driver with the M2 waveguide Acoustic Elegance TD15M with apollo 15" mid in open baffle for mids Acoustic Elegance SBP15 in sealed for bass Everything is powered by class D amps and the trinnov magnitude dsp processor. Source is the Schiit Freya & Gungnir balanced dac/pre
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