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  1. Guys At this point, I have no packaging. If I can get hold of original packaging ill let you know. (Still trying) In the mean time, Im happy to hand deliver the sub anywhere from Portsea to Melbourne. Thanks! Steve
  2. I agree with this. Ive heard some cheap speakers eg. $600 a pair sound unbelievable on decent power. And I've heard the opposite too, great speakers sound horrible on crappy amplification. Focus on good amplification and build from there
  3. Hey guys Should have mentioned this in the write up. Have had a few people mention this for shipping requests. I don't have the packaging. I never thought id sell it! Ever! Its like my baby 😂 Im going to see if I can get hold of some packaging from a recent job tomorrow. Will keep you posted.
  4. Hey mate! Only one suburb away! Seems there isn't so many of us on the peninsula. Haha yes, the sub is drool worthy. Can knock out some huge SPL in any room and be very musical at the same time. Ill definitely buy another one in a few years when I re build. Probably the 10 or 12 inch though. The 13 is a big unit!
  5. Item: JL Audio F113 Subwoofer. Gloss Black Location: Balnarring (I'm happy with pick up from Balnarring or I can deliver from Portsea to Melbourne for free) Price: $3300 ono Item Condition: Excellent condition. Power supply just replaced. Went to test it from being in storage and she didn't turn on! Power supply replaced. This is a common problem with the JL subs. Not for this one anymore! Just found a small mark on the back left side. (see photo) I reckon this happened in transit from repair! ah. Reason for selling: Moved into a rental and sold my other equipment with my last house. Wont we moving into a new house with new gear for 3 years. Didn't want it wasting away in the cupboard. Payment Method: Cash on pick up or delivery. Extra Info: Ive installed 10s of these subs and they never disappoint. Very powerful and musical. The room calibration mic does a lot, especially if the sub is not positioned well. Easily my favourite subwoofer. Great value too as they retail at $8,500! Thanks guys, please let me know if want any more detail etc. Steve
  6. Can highly recommend QSC amps. Big Bang for buck. Might have to replace fans with a more silent option though. We have installed these in a lot of commercial venues. Very punchy and cost effective
  7. I have quite a few ideas but here are the main things I would tell myself starting out - If you fall in love with a system in a shop and have to have that sound, buy every last component to match it perfectly. Right down to the interconnects, speaker cable, streaming subscription etc. Try not to compromise on one component because it won't be the same. - Don't get too caught up in the specs, if it sounds amazing, just let it sound amazing! Who cares how many watts the amp is etc. - Audio visual installers have heard a lot of stuff, if you are looking for advice, ask what he would have in his house within your budget. Ive installed a lot of equipment over the years and every now and then you hear something that just sings and it sticks with you. Ive got a mental list of gear id love to have in my house from these experiences
  8. Im also a bit intrigued by tannoy dual concentric speakers. I need to go and hear some
  9. My favourite 10 inch sub. Great price, killer sub
  10. Welcome. Love my Kimber cable too. Enjoy the banter
  11. These speakers are brilliant! A friend and I bought speakers at the same time (years ago) He bought a pair of these, I bought a pair of B & W CM1. They were the same price at the time. I regretted it ever since! he didn't. haha Beautiful sounding speakers
  12. Ill bet! Years of trial and error and $$$$$ Ah its all good fun
  13. I reckon I had one of these in my shed as a kid (given to me by a neighbour 20 years ago) flogging what ever speakers I could get my hands on. If only I knew it was a piece art. Probably sold it at a garage sale for $5 when we moved off the property. Haha
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