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  1. For those who have always aspired to own some dCS gear, now is the time to consider your options - as of 1 August 2020, the range is seeing some price adjustments across the board. Some products will have bigger rises than others, but for those particularly interested in Bartok and Network Bridge products, I would suggest now is the time to contact your dealer and put your order in before the price rises hit.
  2. The Gold Note is a great recommendation. Another one for the list would be the Luxman E-250 (and EQ-500 if you want to take the plunge) http://www.luxman.com/product/detail.php?id=5
  3. Lets not under-simplify things either "hey". There are members of all ages on here, some of whom would shudder at the thought of hearing the word "computer". Just because it works for you doesnt mean it works for everyone. The original poster now has plenty of options to consider - he is mature to make his own informed decision now.
  4. The Linton stands are no less gorgeous than the speakers themselves...
  5. Hegel has been selling so well over the last few weeks country-wide, so much so that local stock is getting close to depletion and with no more stock probably arriving until August/September, our recommendation is to get in quick with either a listen or a purchase to avoid the wait!!!
  6. Definitely make their own - some of the parts on the UltraDeck come from other manufacturers (I believe the feet are by HRS).
  7. Yep, they are quite attractive, a little retro with the dark smoke finish. Supplied with both MoFi decks.
  8. MoFi UltraDeck fitted with an Ortofon 2M Black for a client. Just giving it its test run...
  9. The new Bronze series is out so there may be some deals out there if anybody has some stock (we dont!).
  10. We've been selling Dentons, Lintons and Leak Audio in Perth for a long time, as far back as 1973!!
  11. We now have the Hegel H120, H190 and the massive H590 integrated amplifiers in store now!
  12. Worth a call to Paul Clarke and the team at Cogworks?
  13. Some more new lodgers at Frank Prowse HiFi - welcome the LM-150IA and the LM-88IA !
  14. We have confirmed stock arriving towards the end of July - stock will be limited so pre-orders for those looking to get in early is recommended. Stereo 130 Integrated Amplifier - $1,999 CDT CD Transport - $1,399
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