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  1. Hi @Mat-with-one-t, It would be preferable (and unbiased) if some of the attendees chimed in, but our feelings were that it handled itself beautifully, especially when you consider it was an important link in a chain that incorporated an $8k cartridge, an $8.5k turntable with a $50k active system. Originally we had our Luxman EQ500 on standby just in case we felt the OAD wasn't up the task, but the Luxman was never brought out for audition as the OAD is such a capable performer that shoots way above its price point.
  2. I can confirm that your local store is correct, it seems demand is exceeding supply at the moment! Havent heard the Navis yet but we have the German-made predecessor - the AIR-X 403, which are absolutely stunning for their size, coupled with that AMT. It will be interesting as to how "different" the Andrew Jones design will perform, but everything is positive so far!
  3. Many thanks to everybody who turned up for this evening's event - we really appreciated your support and coming along for some music listening! Some pics will pop up soon (all flattering of course!). We will have the BXT module in store for another few days (possibly longer) if anybody wants to come down and see/hear them. Once again thanks for making it a fun night - we hope to do one or two more this year if the planets align.
  4. This will be used at our Kii BXT night tonight! We will be using the OAD to demonstrate our Luxman PD-171A and Ortofon A95 MC combo (with the Kii BXT system of course!!)
  5. For those of you attending this Thursday, we hope we can play some requested music (i.e. real world music!!!) after the initial presentation has taken place. If you wish to make any suggestions of what you would like to hear, post them in this thread and we will do our best to make them heard on Thursday!
  6. Just a reminder that the event is this Thursday! In the meantime, for those who haven't seen it, here's a link to Darko's review (non-BXT) :-
  7. Unboxing of the new Bill Evans Trio "Portrait in Jazz" One-Step (now in stock):-
  8. Full post can be found here:- Registration link can be found at:- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kii-audio-bxt-system-launch-night-tickets-64784938495
  9. Hey guys, It looks like the night of the event will have to be Thursday July 18th (sorry @Analogueage, but you will get to hear them!). We will have the official notice hopefully nutted out in the next couple of days and will get Stereonet to make the announcement. EventBrite invitation will follow shortly. Looking forward to seeing you all!
  10. Expanding on our ever-growing Linn product porfolio, we now have the Linn Akudorik (with Akurate System Hub) in-store now. A stunning music system with incredible form, function and audio performance to match! https://www.linn.co.uk/music-systems/akudorik
  11. For a while now we have been doing regular staff playlists here at Frank Prowse HiFi and sharing them via social media, so just thought we would share them with you guys too! Get an insight into our "dubious" musical tastes, what we play in store on a given month etc. Who knows, you might discover some new music in the process!!! We currently have Spotify and Tidal playlists available, Apple Music may or not eventuate... JUNE / JULY 2019 Tidal: - https://tidal.com/browse/playlist/7273de56-e662-4ca4-b74b-fae25084a1f5 Spotify: - https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1mGkqsu3Tp1JAEZ40RguXj?si=HxWPoOOIT7unhQFm2syeOA
  12. Great review of the I15 amplifier over at AVForums:- https://www.avforums.com/review/primare-i15-prisma-integrated-amp-review.16216
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