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  1. The new Primare R35 has just landed in-store and as an owner of its predecessor, Ive been looking forward to hearing this. A kilo heavier than the R32, the gain for MC (adjustable) has also been increased to an impressive 76dB. Initial listening is very favourable indeed!
  2. Does this Dynaudio clock count (after all, it is analogue!) We've had this for some time. Only a few were ever made and given to core dealers around the world.
  3. So just an update on some of the above... The Wharfedale Elysians are due into Australia 2nd/3rd week in March. The Line Magnetic hopefully should be here within 1-2 weeks. Cabasse Pearls hopefully round the same time. All of the above delay due to some kind of virus epidemic or something... Our dCS Bartok is now in store but this is only here for a few more days before heading back over East - this product is in such ridiculous demand that nobody can keep floor stock, so anybody interested in an audition in W.A. in the very near future should head down to the store this week!
  4. Wonderful product - I have heard that the T&A guys are some of the nicest in the business which surprises me that about a lack of current distributor.
  5. Absolute bargain! GLWTS Incidentally whats the lovely wood-finish speaker in the background?
  6. The MoFi Yes "Fragile" One-Step is en route and we have three copies left from our stash of pre-orders. Due into store early next week!
  7. Great choice of music there really helps!!!
  8. As much as I love "We Come 1" by Faithless, I need to find the culprit guilty of playing it so many times!!! Methinks they left it on repeat!
  9. It's no surprise that we love Roon here at the store and one of the great features is the dynamically-driven Top 100, where you can see which songs get the most play in your system. We have added the list of the Top 33 most-played songs at the store. Of course the top track in that list is a little inaccurate as we use that when we close at night/weekends to burn-in various gear throughout the store... Anyways, there might be something on the list that hasn't crossed your radar yet, or something you feel we should add to regular rotation?
  10. Item: FS: Emotiva XPA-1 GEN2 Monoblocs (Pair) - FLOOR STOCK Location: Perth Price: $3,600 (RRP: $4,798). Shipping (VERY HEAVY!!!) at buyers' cost. Item Condition: Immaculate Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayPal (buyer pays 3% fees), Bank Deposit Extra Info: These Emotiva Reference range MonoBloc amps are a genuine powerhouse (600w RMS into 8 ohm, 1Kw RMS into 4ohm) and have the option of running in pure class A mode for the first 60w. These weigh over 30kg each and are individually numbered. Full packaging, accessories and FIVE YEAR WARRANTY. The cardboard boxes did have some delivery damage at the time, so the outer boxes dont present as perfect, but does not impact on units or their ability to be properly shipped. We also have the matching XSP-1 pre-amp (pictured) which we can offer at a discounted price. https://emotiva.com/blogs/info-hub-1/lonnie-vaughn-on-emotiva-s-xpa-1-gen-2-monoblock?_pos=2&_sid=7a1728cf7&_ss=r
  11. Item: FS: Questyle QP1R DAP - Gold (FLOOR STOCK) Location: Perth Price: $1,125 inc. shipping (RRP: $1,599) Item Condition: Excellent Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Deposit Extra Info: Unit supplied with all original packaging, accessories and FULL warranty. https://www.questyle.com/en/product/QP1R
  12. Have a look at the Linn Majik DSM as well.
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