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  1. Hi Jack, it really isn't fussy. We have got a great synergy going in store with the Vienna Acoustics Haydn Jubilee, but have also had it running with Elac Carina and Wharfedale Evo 4.2 with great success!
  2. So, onto the Houdini cartridge adaptor thingymajig from The Funk Firm. We purposely held off on talking about this until we got a better sense of what it is capable of. But, upon first audition, excited is an understatement. This crept into our 2020 list at the very last moment, but the improvements it gave (on a MoFi UltraDeck with Ortofon 2M Black) were substantial. So onto personal testing to get a sense that this aint no fluke, I bought one based on the above initial test for home use. Setup on a ProJect RPM10.1 and Supex SD900 IV cart, again the improvements were immediate and obviou
  3. Further information: This release is now sadly out of print. We have two copies available. Once theyre gone, theyre gone! We have numbers# 3561 and 3573. From the MoFi website:- Any discussion about the finest psychedelic rock record ever recorded is incomplete if it doesn't grant consideration to Love's Forever Changes. Ranked by Rolling Stone as the 40th greatest album ever made, and named by Mojo the second-greatest psychedelic set in history, the effort is an internationally recognized seminal work of art. Nearly unlimited headroom, vast instrumental separation, trans
  4. Most reviews tend to profess that the H390 is 90-95% as good as the H590. I own a H390 and if I had the spare cash I would upgrade in a heartbeat - the difference is quite noticeable!
  5. Hi @JC., the Elysian 4 are VERY regularly partnered up with the LM-805 integrated in the store, as well as the 845Premium, both with great success. Lovely, liquid combination.
  6. The Waversa WStreamer is a high performance, compact streamer that converts ethernet input to USB or coaxial output. It supports DLNA and can be played immediately on many free apps on PCs and smartphones. Like all Waversa streaming products, the WStreamer is fully Roon capable and certified. The Waversa WStreamer runs on a low-clock, low-power, ultra-low-noise ARM processor and is configured with an independent clock for multiples of 44.1 / 48kHz for accurate sampling rates. The network input and SPDIF coaxial output are galvanized and are designed for more accurate digital transmissio
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