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  1. Mytek Brooklyn Bridge would be a good consideration - DAC, streamer, headphone amp and even a phono input.
  2. Just received a photo from the factory showing off one of the Quattron Reference shelves currently being finalised. Look at that finish!!!
  3. Some pics of a Volare turntable which we set up recently with the client's Ortofon TA-110 tonearm and SPU Mono cart.
  4. These beautiful pieces of audio will be moving on to their new home in the next few weeks - pop down for potentially the last time you will get to hear such units in W.A.!
  5. Wonderful system synergy between the Woodpecker, Sorane tonearm, Ortofon A95 and the Rega Aura phono stage.
  6. If @Nirvana Sound wanted to facilitate, I would be happy to be diplomatic in my observations!
  7. Find me a WHITE coloured DAC and we're getting close (BLANC)
  8. Ha - there was only so much time I could devote to this one!!!
  9. It's a FIGHT to the DAC !!!⁠ Well, not really. We are incredibly proud to represent in-store, two of the best performing digital brands in our industry today - Chord Electronics and Data Conversion Systems Ltd . Both brands at the top of their game with a no-compromise approach to performance.⁠ Audition now in-store the Chord DAVE and the dCS BARTOK.
  10. Chord Choral and Reference ranges come with a FIVE year warranty. Tabletop range comes with a THREE year warranty. 2020/2021 Brochure:- https://chordelectronics.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Product-Brochure-2020.pdf
  11. It's probably the worst kept secret of 2021 in Perth, but we are very happy to range the renowned Chord Electronics brand in-store. We are focussing on the premium end of the range, so we wont be dealing with the Mobile or Hugo ranges, rather the Tabletop (including the Hugo TT2), Choral, Ultima/Reference. For now, we have the Hugo TT2, DAVE and the Ultima 6 power amp in store, with more to follow in due course. Along with dCS (and COS Engineering coming soon), this gives us a pretty potent range of high-end, incredibly performing DACs to offer the Perth mar
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