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  1. We installed a set of the wonderful Elysian 4 speakers this week in Gloss Black into this fantastic Fremantle townhouse:-
  2. We installed a set of the wonderful Elysian 4 speakers this week in Gloss Black into this fantastic Fremantle townhouse:-
  3. Price rises certainly never help, but in the case of dCS, they have certainly explained themselves better than most.. "The reasons for this price increase, particularly the higher than usual increases, is that our parts and running costs have increased massively over the last 12 months. The falling strength of the GBP this year has affected not just dCS but our entire UK supply chain meaning the price of our metal, electronics, packaging has all increased >10%. Covid-19 has also had a huge impact on our business as well as our UK supply chain. A number of our suppliers also work in aerospace, F1 and automotive and all three of these industries have been hit very hard. This has meant our key suppliers have had to make massive changes and refocus their business as well as making themselves Covid secure. All of this comes at a cost as does our desire to make sure we are our supplier’s number 1 priority. For us we needed to ensure quality and continuity of supply from our key suppliers which has meant paying a premium to be at the front of the queue. The price increases you see are our post Covid prices. With this pricing we feel confident in our supply chain, their ability to deliver and our ability to make and support dCS products now and into the future."
  4. This is it, ladies and gentlemen, the last few hours to get into dCS product before the worldwide price rise!
  5. Hit up Audio Connection - they may have one at a keen price before the changeover to the new whoretailer - A2A
  6. Fitted an Ortofon TA-110 tonearm and SPU cart to this wonderful Thorens TD124.
  7. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, we now have our own dCS Bartok on the showroom floor. Ready for audition! We also have the Network Bridge. Remember there are price rises due in about a week so if you are on the fence about this or any other dCS product, now is the time to act! Obligatory sexy Bartok pics incoming...
  8. A complete Mober turntable in situ at a clients house, sounding amazing with an Ortofon Cadenza Black cart - great choice of music too!
  9. The client and the cabinet make did a wonderful job of designing the space to minimise what you see.
  10. A dCS Bartok in its new home. Looking good and sounding amazing! Happy client!
  11. Fortunate to be involved in some capacity with this awesome system, the addition of the dCS Bartok the final piece in the digital jigsaw...
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