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  1. I also am a long time user of Foobar2000 and have a setup / configuration I am super happy with. However I have now moved to MacOS and have not been able to import my favorite configuration of Foobar2000 and so am wondering whether anyone else has any experience in running Foobar2000 on MacOS that has encountered this same problem?
  2. Hi all, I love my Sennheiser HD600's and have been using them much more again since I do a lot of late night listening and can't use my speakers in these situations. I was wondering.. if its worth buying a higher quality cable for the HD600's - does this make any audible difference? I am also interested in a shorter cable as the default one that comes with the HD600's is uneccessarily long for my use (my headphones plug into my Chord Mojo which sits directly on my desk next to my computer) Any advice or help on this would be appreciated.
  3. Haha, today I said screw it and went and bought the Chord Mojo. I did extensive testing a week or so ago between the Mojo and the Micro. The enjoyed the Mojo overall a smidgen more and it also costs $300 less. Headphone amp sorted
  4. Awesome, would be totally up to purchase one of these products second hand. I do live in New Zealand, Wellington. Is there many peeps here from NZ that sell second hand audio gear?
  5. So for a home desktop setup the BL may be better in the long run? I plan to do 99% of my listening at home sitting at my desk. Portability is not an important factor for me.
  6. After fairly extensive reading the Chord Mojo and Ifi Micro iDSD are at the top of the list. My only reservations / concerns are that I have read numerous comments about the Chord Mojo breaking down after 12 months of use for various reasons but mostly related to the battery. And the Ifi Micro iDSD looks great but it's also $1000 and comes with a lot of extra connections and stuff I don't want or need. But overall it looks like it could be the potentially the better option as a full time desktop headphone amplifier solution. Does anyone have much experience with either of these two products? Any thoughts on the above?
  7. Hey all, So have been researching away and so far these are the headphone amps of interest. Price range from $300 up to $1000. Which of these options would you guys go for?
  8. Do you reckon it would be worth calling Plinius to see if this is normal?
  9. Hey guys, Thanks for all the comments. I ended up going with the Plinius 880 intergrated amplifier. It arrived 3 days ago. First impressions are that it sounds very clean, the high frequency is rich, clean and dynamic. Seems to power the Thiels very well. I sold my energy sub woofer and have gone down the stereo 2.0 path. This means that with a lot of music with significant bass the Thiels are working their titts off to play the music. When before they were cut off at a certain frequency range where the sub came in and handled all the low frequency range. As Bunno77 mentioned, when the Plinius 880 gets hot it turns itself off which I am finding to be an annoying feature. Listening to music quieter than before but the smoothness and quality is certainly there. It's been an interesting trade off. Volume for quality (not that my previous setup sounded bad) Overall, I'm happy. It's a different experience than before but I can tell it will grow on me more in time. Thanks again for all your guys help, I have enjoyed reading all the comments and hearing all the different perspectives and ideas.
  10. What do you guys think of this headphone amp / DAC? https://www.mav-audio.com/base/product/d1p
  11. Ok, so I found the mojo package in a store in town, https://www.listeningpost.co.nz/Products/Media-Players-Digital-Music-Server-MP3-streamer/Chord-Mojo-Poly-Headphone-Amplifier-Package-DAC-__I.302925__C.27465__N.27756 $2000 is too much. Also travelling with my HD600's is not a factor / thing for me. I only use these at home with my computer.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions so far guys, I will research of all them!
  13. Hi Bingineer, I did not realise that a DAC would be required. I was hoping the headphone amp would be both the DAC and the driver of the headphones. Please forgive my ignorance, I am new to all of this.
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