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  1. I'd like to know if anyone has tried with the 1 micron cartridge filtering system, while doing the ultrasonic cleaning, this because you would always have the liquid clean and when you take out the vinyl from the tank it shouldn't have residues on the surface, this it would allow the suction operation to be eliminated but the drying operation to be carried out immediately. On the net I found people who say that doing it while you work decreases the power of cavitation and therefore of cleaning the ultrasound system. Thanks
  2. @andyr wow, I didn't think you could have a 60 khz tank, the effect you have at this frequency is less energetic but more precise and the car is also less noisy, I searched on the internet but I didn't find tank at that frequency, I'm all at 40, like the one I bought, is the drying system cold? It could be built with the fans of PC houses ...
  3. @andyr but the dryer cube is the ultrasonic cleaning system right? I thought it was a machine to do the drying operation! How do you dry the vinyl after doing the ultrasound operation?
  4. Sorry but what is the "Dryer Cube"?
  5. You're right the dust could settle in the air, even if I will use the Tetenal which is a photographic and antistatic wetting agent (5 ml / l) I had thought of combining them with a fast rotation with a drill, I did some tests and I saw that with 1 minute of rotation it dries very well
  6. So @andyr if I understand correctly you could not do continuous filtration, but stop the ultrasound and filter. At this point it might be interesting to proceed with a further washing after filtering the liquid, thus having a very clean wash of discs in clean water, obtaining a disk that would not have on the surface of the dirty residue and could be left to dry in the air being sure you have removed everything, what do you say? Thanks Max
  7. @andyrI wanted to ask you if the pump you used is self-priming and if it works even not immersed in water, because from the rules on amazon it seems that it only works submerged. Thank you
  8. Okay for the size, wow you were very good at screwing right 6 mm diameter screws into a 8 mm thickness, I hope I can too. I think you did a 3 or 4 mm pre-hole first, right? .. as an engine I found this, do you think it could be okay Very very thanks
  9. Do you confirm the breadboard width of 24 cm? What size are the screws you used? So I don't risk using things that don't work ... Wow, I'll have to pay you the project advice! 😃
  10. @EV Cali Wow but now I'm looking at the image you posted of your cutting board still to be canniballized, but the total length is 34 cm !! Can you confirm ?? I was confused with the measurement scale on the meter! 🤣 , the total width is 24 cm?
  11. Ikea replied by telling me that under the hole in the handle I would have 30 cm of full cutting board ... Do you think it is identical to the size you have?
  12. wow if I have to buy 4 I will spend about 45 euros, it's a lot compared to you! but now I have a doubt, looking at the site ikea tells me how it measures 34 x 24 but I don't know if it refers to the total size with the holey part or the useful full part, unfortunately the ikea shop is 100 km from where I live, so I should buy with my eyes closed, I would ask you if you could measure me on your cutting board again, the full part, not including the hole with the hole. Thank you
  13. @EV Cali I would have found this, in your opinion, since you've already produced, how many should I buy? 2 or 3? Thanks
  14. @cazzesman remember to let me know, so I tell my daughter that she cooks something special for you ...
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