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  1. I change the subject, that is we admit to having done the cleaning and that I can't perceive the difference, there is some system with some tests with an audio editing program (Audacity?) To measure the success of the ultrasonic cleaning process, of course we should surely already hearing by ear, do any of you have any experience? Did you do any tests before and after cleaning, objective tests with measurements? Thank you
  2. @Juzbear Could you suggest which part mixture you use in the various ingredients for cleaning in the ultrasonic bath? Thank you
  3. I tried turning the grill motor off and back on and actually reversing the rotation direction, very well this week we wash the clothes !!!😀😀
  4. I took this, hopefully https://www.ebay.it/itm/Electric-BBQ-Roast-Rotisserie-Grill-Motor-Rotator-Barbecue-Tool-220V-Black/153289597732?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 now I'll try to do what you tell me.
  5. @georgesgiralt But it is not possible to doll the direction of rotation of the motor, even turning it off and back on, maybe it should be at 12V and reversing the power cables, maybe you would change the direction of rotation, maybe, but it's not my case. My question was whether the sense of rotation (I have the counter-clockwise direction at this moment) is problematic for optimal disk cleaning? Thank you
  6. @Owen Y I received the motor of the rotisserie I mounted it on the kit and perfect! The only problem is that the direction of rotation is the opposite to the indication that you put on the iron plate, does it create problems? I can't mount it any other way!
  7. Even here with us in Italy (Piedmont) he did very hot !! I'm still waiting for the rotisserie motor, I convinced myself not to put IPA in the solution, then I'll see maybe I'll do more tests, in my workflow I added a diy suction with a vacuum cleaner bin (not it's for liquids but that's okay), at one end of the tube I inserted a piece of 25 mm elbow tube where I made a 3 mm wide slot that I covered at the edges with very delicate microfibre (see Vinyl Vac 33), then I found an akai turntable as a gift, I disassembled my arm and used it to place the disk when it comes out of the ultrasonic bath, for now the movement is manual, I did some tests and I must say that it sucks very well, the disc remains perfectly dry and without residues. as soon as the engine arrives I will be able to take pictures and a video. Hi everyone.
  8. @Moh could you post the model so we check if ours came? Thank you Max
  9. I use the "ONZOW ZERODUST STYLUS CLEANER" I bought it on ebay from this seller ... it's very reliable! from him I also bought the Nagaoka MP100 cartridge, and the Nagaoka roller
  10. About the use of IPA in mixtures What about this London Jazz article? I think it can be reliable, isn't it? Thanks
  11. So as recommended in the articles, it could be useful to insert ammonium hydroxide (ammonia in aqueous solution), which dissolves fats, as an alternative to IPA, has anyone tried already? do you have any feedback?
  12. @Owen Y could you insert the link of the article that recommends not to use IPA ? What do you mean by brush vacuum cleaner? I built myself a suction system with a "VinylVac 33" nozzle. All the washers (Okki nokki, Nitty Gritty etc.) work with that system, they should not produce electrostatic charges ... Yes @andyr the quantities are lower, I will reduce them too, now I want to understand @Owen Y motivations, I wouldn't want the vinyls to be de-laminated
  13. @andyr From the technical data sheets for the IPA the lower flash point is 2% in volume, while the upper one is 12% so I think you are quiet up to a quantity of 100 ml of IPA in 800 ml of water to avoid problems of flammability.
  14. The mix recipe should be 800 pp Distilled water 200 pp Isopropyl alcohol 5 ml of wetting agent (infotol, tetenal or others) I got this alcohol
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