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  1. But this type of vinyl has a hole much bigger than 33 rpm!
  2. @Owen Y Which adapter should be used for 45 rpm?
  3. I act in this way: I turn on the ultrasound, I clean the vinyl for 15 minutes at a temperature of 30/35 ° C, then for 3 minutes I turn on the filtering system with the ultrasound system and the rotation motor still on, in this way I performed the cleaning for a good period of time but at the end and 3 minutes are sufficient because with a flow rate of 400 l / min of the pump I can completely filter the contents of the tank for three times!, I think this system is valid, I put the image of the filter at the end of the cycle of about 50 vinyls
  4. Of course, @Owen Y, you can publish it on your site, I would very much like it! The box contains the pump that sucks the liquid from the drain into the bottom, sends it into the cartridge with the 10 "high polypropylene filter of 1 micron and then the liquid comes out clean and is reintroduced in the upper part of the ultrasonic tank.The pump has a flow rate of 800 l / h, I carried out tests and with the filtration system it reaches 400 l / h, so the tank contains about 6 liters of liquid so every minute it should filter all the liquid contained in the tank.Here are the links where I made some purchases: Ultrasonic Tank Kit for rotation Rotation motor filtration pump Cartridge Filter Filter Inner sleeve
  5. Finally I managed to clean a bit of vinyl with my new system, the result was excellent look at my video Thanks !
  6. I change the subject, that is we admit to having done the cleaning and that I can't perceive the difference, there is some system with some tests with an audio editing program (Audacity?) To measure the success of the ultrasonic cleaning process, of course we should surely already hearing by ear, do any of you have any experience? Did you do any tests before and after cleaning, objective tests with measurements? Thank you
  7. @Juzbear Could you suggest which part mixture you use in the various ingredients for cleaning in the ultrasonic bath? Thank you
  8. I tried turning the grill motor off and back on and actually reversing the rotation direction, very well this week we wash the clothes !!!😀😀
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