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  1. Thanks again all. Yeah the H800 has a big reputation, especially for instrumental music, and it is something I want to experience. Again, if the treble peak is only a quirk or a matter of taste and preference, I don't mind pulling the trigger. However, if the treble can objectively cause hearing damage compared to other headphones who do not have the peak - assuming the volume is the same - I would rather not risk it. Decisions, decisions...
  2. Thanks all. Hi Bengineer, I don't have problems with headphones and earphones treble in general in my limited experience, but I can't stand wireless headphones , as their dampening static sound make me very uncomfortable - so I may be sensitive in some regards.
  3. Hi all, I’m considering purchasing a pair of HD800’s. However, I read that the 6hz peak can trouble people. I would not mind any sonic quirks as long as the headphone does not cause any hearing damage. I’ve read some threads of headfi with people saying that the answer is no, but others saying that the brightness of the uneven treble can cause ear fatigue leading to pain, especially to those who have sensitive ears. Does anyone know the science behind this? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all, New member Jo from Melbourne here. Keen to purchase a set of headphones and dac in the near future - HD800 or LCD-X or the likes - still mulling over the decision and doing research. Nice meeting you all.
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