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  1. Thanks for your feedback it has given me a shortlist of speakers to seek out and listen to. Any thoughts on the turntable ? I like the idea of vintage and was looking at a Luxman PD 264 but it needs a refurb. Then I just thought maybe go new. Thoughts ??
  2. I have just become the owner of a Sansui 555A and would like some speaker and component recommendations. This is my first "dipping of my toes" in vintage hifi and I want this setup to reach its potential. Previously I have bought an amp and speakers (new) by audition, so this is back to front for me. Intention now is to also buy a turntable, just unsure if I should go new or vintage to complete the look. TT budget $1000 and similar for speakers. Space is of no concern so bookshelf, standmounts or floorstanders are ok. My listening preference is varied with very limited heavy metal. Room is
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