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  1. Thanks and God bless the moderators 🙂
  2. Thanks Zlatan, you guys are so welcoming, very nice!
  3. Thanks, yeah I was just scanning the topics' titles quickly, sounded promising. Hungarians are everywhere 🙂
  4. Hi Members, I'm Zoltan, a Hi-Fi and Home Theatre enthusiast originally from Hungary. I've been in this hobby for more than 30 years. My first decent setup was NAD 3020, Philips CD940 and an AKAI deck with a pair of Mission 760 and I felt like a king in the late '80. As I'm getting older and more nostalgic, developed a need for restoring old gears. My Sanyo DCA-250 is finished, Pioneer CS-939 speakers need a new grill, otherwise ready, and the Yamaha CD-1050 is almost ready too. A Realistic STA-76 is waiting patiently on the shelf to be the next project. My cinema room I have a 5.2 setup: fronts, center and subs from Adelaide Speakers, rears are Aaron ATS-3. Gears: Oppo 105D JLtI mod, Emotiva XPA-200 for the fronts, Marantz SR5007 (purchased used a few days ago) is doing the pre-pro and driving the center and rears, Epson EH-TW5600 ( my old 8100 is on sick leave, permanently) I listen practically any kind of music I like, rock, jazz, classical, pop. Except for hip-hop and rap and similar. I think it's enough for a new member intro.
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