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  1. G'Day folks, I'm wondering if there's anyone here in Australia that's played a Brunetti here in the coutry and what they're like?, also if there's anywhere that stocks them and they're not a special order. I've tried looking online, but to no avail. I'm based in Sydney BTW.
  2. Devin is a genius and I think just the term Prog perfectly sums him up. It took me a long time to get into his album Ki (even though I bought it on release) I'm a hardcore Devy fan. Casualties of cool is definitely a must have for a persepctive shift. He also opened me up to open tuning on guitar.
  3. How's it going folks?. I signed u a year ago and forgot I had done so, it's been a crazy year. I'm here to learn about hifi gear and also to sell some guitars eventually (One being a 1987 ESP M-I Custom) once I've been approved for sales. TGIF!.
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