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  1. Further information: An beautiful, lovely sounding turntable that is an unwanted gift. Comes fitted with an Audio Technica AT91 cart and has an inbuilt phono stage which can be bypassed. Purchased new for $900 in March and has been barely used. Any questions let me know. Thanks.
  2. I've decided that I think the table is good enough for an upgrade, and should it not be, I'll update the table sans cart Any opinions on the 2M Bronze or Sumiko Moonstone?
  3. The 514x is a fine turntable. Really solid and considering it's age, it's a stellar little table. The AT cart that's on there was a couple of hundred bucks and is nice enough, but it's not quite as good as something like the 2M blue
  4. That's a significant outlay... What would you be looking at for $2000?
  5. I'm using the phono stage in the marantz
  6. I have never gotten on well with Rega. I did look at the Pro-ject Debut Carbon with a ortofon blue cart....
  7. I'm currently running a Pioneer P-514x with an audio technica AT-95VMEN cartridge Running through a marantz PM6006 amp into Wharfedale Denton anniversary speakers Love the sound of this system. Great midrange and warmth. I feel though that I can squeeze more out of the turntable. Question is, do I get a better cart, or upgrade the table entirely? Thoughts?
  8. Further information: Beautiful turntable in as new condition. Selling as unwanted gift. Comes with factory fitted Audio Tecnica AT91 cartridge. Also has inbuilt phono stage which can be bypassed. Any questions please let me know Thanks. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Suspension on the tone arm? It's a brand new table...
  10. I had real trouble balancing the tone arm with that cart, but it's set to the right weight....
  11. Probably one of the most boring and disappointing gigs I have been to. I blame the venue; both Andrew Bird and Neko Case both disappointed there
  12. Hi Keith Yep, you're right - I need to get it off that cabinet, but I'm not sure how yet. I am limited for space, so I'll need to look at my options. I saw Callaghan in Melb a few years ago. Very sombre performance. Cheers Al
  13. Hi everyone Thanks to you all for taking the time to respond and offer your advice I bought some whites pads, moved my speakers apart and tried the doona on top of the turntable. I can say the detail is definitely improved. Currently listening to Smog and the midrange and little nuances are terrific. However. There is still a boom, but only when I am in certain parts of the room. I switched back to other sources and nope, not there/ I guess I will just have to live with it Thanks again
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