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  1. Item: Pro-Ject Tube Box S2 Location: Inner North Melb Price: $450 o.no. Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: No longer needed after playing around with my set up Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal - Will consider posting Extra Info: I love this phono stage, but I dived into the world of hi-fi without really thinking about what my needs were, and as a result, have discovered that this isn't getting the love and attention it needs. Immaculate condition, only a few months old. Power supply included. Still have original box Any questions, let me know Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. I think my speakers are going to be the first thing to go, although I have to say I have trialed the Ortofon 2M Red against the more modest OM10 cart and the difference wasn't that significant.
  3. I think that the Project tube box is a good bit of kit, but it's probably not what I need right now, and probably needs better-matched components. Either way, the straight NAD phono stage certainly is 'cleaner' and more defined, even if some of that midrange is missing. Maybe in the future I'll look at a better phono, like the Black Cube you mention, but other components, like the speakers, would need to be upgraded first
  4. I think that, as a newb, it's something of a lottery. You do research, spend your cash and give it a go. Along with the quality and suitability of the actual components, the compatibility of them is a dark art that is hard to get to grips with In an ideal world, I've have time/money/space aplenty to mix and match at my leesure.
  5. My expectations are always misplaced. Lack of synergy and impositive ideation.
  6. So, if you've read my other thread, I've been on the hunt for a new Amp and I've finally settled on the NAD 316BEE v2, which I managed to pick up at a decent price. So far so good. However, given I predominately listen to vinyl, I've been playing around with the NADs inbuilt phono stage and the Tube box. I know the amp is going to need some significant run in time, so it's probably too early for any serious critical analysis, but these are my early impressions the tube box has a sweet, rounder midrange and more 'weight' (whatever that means) the NAD phono stage has a little more detail and more detail - especially in the bass Is this consistent with what you'd expect? I would have thought that the tube box would blow the NADs internal stage out of the water, but while I am finding there are differences, albeit subtle, it's not a David/Goliath battle I expected. Thoughts?
  7. Hi everyone Been a member on here for a few weeks now and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm pretty new to the hi-fi world, finally moving on from years of reliance on Sonos gear. I have a very healthy vinyl addiction which I am sure stems from my middle age and a misplaced sense of nostalgia. My current set up involves a Project Debut TT, NAD 316BEEv2 amp, Acoustic Energy AE100 speakers. Oh, and a Project Tube box which I am not sure about. As I'm a rookie in the world, you'll find me asking somewhat rudimentary questions. Thanks Al
  8. Well I know how to kill a conversation... I went and got one yesterday. It'll need a run in before I can give any critical response, but it's a fine looking unit.
  9. I've decided that the amp needs an optical in Which leaves me something looking like, depending on budget, of Rotel RA-630 Yamaha A-S301 Emotiva TA-100 The Yamaha is looking good based on price and the reviews that I've read.
  10. It ticks a lot of boxes with the remote and the optical cable...
  11. I'd like to give some different tubes a go. I'd welcome any recommendations The Sansui is nice, but I am aware that it's 45 years old. Doing great for it's time, but I'd like to audition some more modern tech
  12. Hi folks So, I've got my first 'proper' set-up and I think it's time I looked at upgrading my amp This is my current setup Project Carbon TT Project tube-box pre amp Sansui AU-101 amp Acoustic Energy AE-100 speakers The amp/pre-amp pairing gives some lovely warmth and midrange, but i am looking for a little more detail and honestly, the Sansui amp is nice, but it's very long in the tooth and something I'm looking to replace In terms of new amps, I've been looking at the usual suspects NAD C316BEE Rotel RA-10 Marantz PM-5005 Denon PMA-520 Any other suggestions? Happy to go 2nd hand. Budget of around 500-600 EDIT - also a remote and an optical input would be handy but not essential Cheers Al
  13. I'm in the market for a new amp and I've always had a soft spot for NAD Does anyone have any opinions on the C 316BEE ?
  14. Thanks mate. I love it, but it's bigger than my partner envisaged so it's probably not going to be in my collection for very long
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