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  1. Hi all, Just came across this site on a google search and am not excited to see what I can learn from the forums and news articles. Looking forward to seeing what everyone has to offer.
  2. Hi, I have recently moved in to a new house. I have been told by Foxtel that I cannot currently get IQ4 as the house is not wired to allow for recording. Thats all foxtel will tell me and that I need an electrician to come and set up to allow for the ability to record. Can anyone expand on this and let me know what exactly needs to be done. Further if I was to get Fetch TV which I understand runs over the internet would the above problem re recording still exist for the free to air channels as well? Thanks
  3. Hi, I recently bought a LG 4K B8 Oled TV and already had a Sonos play base. The remote for the LG TV does not seem to interact with the Sonos so I am left having to adjust sound through my phone which is not ideal. Is there a way around this. I believe I might need an infrared remote. Can anyone recommend. Thanks
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