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  1. Also interested Chris. Would just be after the rack.
  2. Hi DMax, where in Melb are you? Would you consider separating the two? I’m interested in the DragonFly.
  3. Hi Muon, I eventually heard back from MSB, who had great tech support. It has the Crown Select Ladder DAC chip, which is their custom designed/built tech. The fast chipset and output stages related to better output buffers. It was their first real big push into high-end CD, they also created a ‘Gold’ too. Anyway, put together it all sounds great to me. Wish I could have found more, but if you’re interested, the MSB support pages have a lot of information. http://www.msbtechnology.com/faq/why-ladder-dacs/ Enjoy the weekend!
  4. Probably should have looked here first , as I created my own post! I think circa 85, I just aquired this great MSB Silver. I’m hoping MSB Technologies can send me all all the specs, but it is a very heavily modded Magnavox, based on the Phillips 852. Brought from a great friend/dealer I was fortunate to have it come into my hands. Paired with my Marantz and Canton SLs, it sounds amazing! The old stuff still literally rocks!
  5. MSB changed the chipsets in the analogue stage, and the D/A converter. It also has the Ladder DAC. My google findings on the Ladder sounds like it allows for a more custom sound. Might have to email MSB...
  6. I’ll see if I can find out re the fast chipset. I might look at the internals later. Never opened anything up before... I cant break too much can I? 😉
  7. Here is the power button
  8. The power button is built into the transformer on the power cable. It is a direct import, I believe as the original plu is US straight pin. I think they have bypassed the internal power supply/converter? I found that MSB modded the Phillips to create a warmer sound, and were/are based out of California. . It looks very much like that Magnavox based on the Phillips as you said. The mods are a new PCB and fast chipset. The Output stage was replaced as well. It also recently had the laser realigned and belts serviced. Interestingly and I was surprised that it plays CD-R. I wouldn’t have that that tech was around then.
  9. Just wanted to post my new ‘old’ purchase, this MSB Silver CD player. While it’s over 30 years old, and only had two owners in the past this is a beast of a player. I couldn’t find anything on the net about them, and took a punt with my trusted dealer. I had no idea what to expect, but there you go. It’s replaced an Oppo 93 and the difference is astounding. I’ve not got perfect ears, but the mids have so much more depth to them, and the soundstage seems a lot wider and more three dimensional. The sound really fills the room. Hearing old Frankie and the big bands was a joy to listen too, and on Peaceful Piano, it was like the grand was in the room. On some tracks I could hear the key strikes and reverb is much more pronounced. I’ve had to drop the sub down a notch and it does seem a little bright in my room at high volume. I’ve the option to pick up some VDH interconnects which I’m told should roll off the brightness in my tiled floor and high ceiling room. While I ran the Oppo on Pure Direct via VDH The FLat HDMI (Marantz AVR 6005) I’ve found a nice balance with the Audessy EQ. The purest in me want’s to believe the system doesn’t need it but my ears and 8 year old music loving son say otherwise. Anyone else got an MSB Silver? Any thoughts on the sound of them.
  10. Hi Steve, sent a message re the Oasis 7.
  11. Hi Chris, where in Melbourne are you? I was wondering if a pick up could be arranged in the Eastern Suburbs.
  12. Hi, I’ve got a 93 that I use with VDH The Flat Hdmi as on the 93 HDMI is the best sound transfer. How do your mods affect sound - do you run hdmi or rca and why? Any paperwork on the mods you can share? Thanks
  13. Sorry for the newbie question, what cable is required to hook it up to my amp? Would my Marantz AVR6005 work as a DAC and amplifier?
  14. Great machine, one that I’d love to upgrade to. Now, where to find the coin...
  15. Great advice their CGT. I really don’t hit the movies that often, so I’m trying to find the right musical balance. I’ve loved playing around with things these last few weeks and I think I’ve tinkered to get it just right. Now I’ve really reflected, my listening is often more just background or around the house. I don’t really dedicate time to sit and listen, but when I occasionally do, at an easy level when the kids are in bed I really enjoy it. Having said all that, my subs are up for sale and I am looking towards a Polk, or possibly a smaller SVS that hits the low 20s. I have memories of my old 10” Boston Acoustics Pro Sub in the car that was astounding. I’ve realised that what I was chasing (those memories) is a completely different sound - something compressed in a small space that allowed you to really feel it as opposed to a larger, tiled and minimal curtained family room where the sounds bounce a whole lot more. Now I just want to enjoy the music and hear that full rich sound. And yep, when the movies are on you turn up the sub and let them do their thing!
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