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  1. Thanks all for the input so far. I agree that there is nothing comparable to listening to any speaker/system - however, options for that are very limited and not just due to the outbreak atm. Interstate travel when borders are back open, really is also not a option once more due to medical reason. Regarding active/integrated options, while the Kii three is really impressive and honestly was tempting, Am stuck with a personal preference for component systems, and ability to mix and match as, want to say required, the reality I guess would be more as I want to vs need to. I could not live with the Phantoms purely for aesthetics, Hate saying that as I generally never find speaks that unattractive. Again, thanks all for the continued information and ideas and experiences, I do think we all lucky to have such a amazing and diverse range of options to consider.
  2. 40.2 looks really good, new unfortunately is beyond that bridge , given would also need stands to go with it. Had also considered the NS 5000 as well, but again, would not quite stretch to new. The Hulgich look good...very good .. Off to go take a few steps backwards lol...
  3. Thanks for the welcome and the reply. The budget is more of a goal - around 20k would be ideal. That would consist of speakers, pre and powers and at least a Roon endpoint .- expect to upgrade the back end over time - as deals / funds available. I did miss on listing some of the other speaks have been looking over, mainly as some would be dependent on finding them on the used market, e.g. 20.7 Sopra 2 803D3 Trition Ref Salon 2 Again, thanks for the welcome and thoughts I know there are many other far more important and disturbing events happening all around us.
  4. After a year of having to have various things all slot into place, finally the time arrives to start to 2 Channel master plan...Enter COVID 19..anyway. Was hoping to get some advice and or feedback for a few speaker options that I am looking at. Also want to make sure I am not overlooking anything that would also fit the bill. So, unable to get out and truly audition - not just because of the ongoing apocalypse , but for other medical reasons I am at a point where any audition would be via proxy anyway, far from perfect but such as it is, and even without the travel restrictions - a interstate trip at the best of times would not be realistic feasible. General Info; Music; - range is broad - classical - rock / pop / R&B / dance / and yes...country for wife. Pretty much anything but HMetal. Room; - Current is open 4.5m x 7.5m - currently has main TV and basic surround for movies etc - room enough for new speakers beside and out from walls. Have free reign on room and looks . Did have plans for extension dedicated HT / Music room but again, that on hold now for who knows how long but eventually it is a plan. Playback ; Majority of playback will be via Roon endpoint (Roon core already running in a VM on 1 of home servers) and later Vinyl. Will be looking at pre/power amps once settled on speakers etc. On the shortlist; New; VAF Signature i93MKIII - Leading contended atm. Osborn Epitome Tower Reference Elite, sharing 2nd place with Maggie or maybe slightly ahead - maybe bass heavy...not sure.again looking for some feedback or experiences. Magnepan MG3.7IR - Worried about lack of deep bass, optional Rel kinda personally expected and fine. Not owned a planner before and the draw is the common praise for mids etc. Any advice would be extremely helpful and I thank you all for your time. Thanks Tal
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