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  1. Great speakers, I have a set and I'm very happy with them...GLWTS
  2. Beautiful looking amp, you shouldn’t have any trouble selling this, it’s well priced. GLWTS!
  3. Nice piece of equipment Ant, would love to add this to the set up, just no spare funds at the moment!
  4. Beautiful job with the stands, they look fantastic! GLWTS
  5. Nice gear you have there...Kenwood built some nice equipment! I'm currently having my Kenwood KD-600 turntable serviced, probably same guy in Perth! I currently just purchased an Accuphase amp and tuner, so not for me unfortunately but GLWTS.
  6. Absolutely stunning! Quality vintage speakers...GLWTS [emoji1303]
  7. You should have no trouble selling these! Best of luck
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