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  1. Hi all, Recently got the ls50 wireless speakers and all has been good with them. Just today, I was playing music from my computer through the USB connection and both speakers started making a very static and crackling sound..... I couldn't fix it. I tried resetting unplugging cables etc... I was ready to call the shop to let them know. Anyway went away for a few hours. Came back and now they work again... Has anyone else had this problem? I have heard reports of the same issue and they have had to go for repair or replacement. But now that I cant replicate it... they might not be able to do anything.
  2. Alright everyone. Settled on the lS50 wireless. First impressions In store were good. Got it home and played with DSP and bass tightened up and it sounded even better. Thanks all for the help and advice. Also on another topic, does speaker break in exist? Will these sound different after a few hours of playing? Thanks
  3. I like the ls50. Like the way they sound, the way they look and the size is perfect for where I'll put them. Looking at other speakers seems to complicate things. But open to recommendations. If I like the looks better, like the sound better and they are a good size I'll consider them.
  4. Done. Now how do I do that? [emoji14]
  5. Well, I'm either getting the actives or passives. I love the sound of them just choosing which one out of the two. Adding more speaker brands to the list will just complicate it even more..
  6. Righto time for an update in this saga. So after deciding on the wireless, i thought, now all I have to do is audition them. Okay... first quick impressions of them... I think I liked the passives better. They sounded great and I could definitely hear more bass, but i felt the mids and highs weren't as prominent / forward as on the actives. The bass, while more of it, seemed just a tad muddy like it was leaking into the mids and highs.. Mind you this was listening from Bluetooth initially which may have contributed to the bad impression, but i also listened at another audio shop the same day using an iPhone. Then we switched to the passives with some 3k - 4k range amplifiers. Put on the same songs, and there is was again. the vocals and the depth of the vocals were amazing, they came alive and were coming out towards me. The sound stage was incredible.. there was definitely less bass but it sounded cleaner and the separation between instruments was more apparent I felt. I know the amps we used were a bit out of my budget so maybe not a fair comparison. This is odd, i was fully expecting to prefer the actives. Everything i have read says the opposite of what my impressions left me with. Most people agree the actives have better sound stage, better tighter bass, more detail and almost all people who have heard both prefer the wireless version. Going to go back and definitely give the actives another try in better conditions and using a turntable this time. I will try a/bing them side by side so I shall see which i prefer. I didn't spend a lot of time with the wireless and i have heard that the DSP needs to be set up properly for them to sound good. So they do warrant another try because it may have been the listening conditions and I don't think i listened to the wireless enough. It also might be a different story when I bring them home in a different setting. Anyway, just a quick update from someone who is trying to make his first speaker purchase.
  7. Well I'm just gonna wait a little bit. Audition them first and make sure I know what I want this time... When I think I'm sure I know what I want, wait even a little longer after that. Then buy something... Gotta control my impulsivity. [emoji14] I haven't ruled out the Navi, lll have a look.
  8. It is definitely a reputable dealer. So reputable in fact that they refuse to resell opened goods. They have been opened and taken out of the packaging Honestly though I'd rather not name them since I enjoy shopping there. Also I'm not here to talk bad about the audio shop. This is about me changing my mind about something I purchased.
  9. I haven't filled in the warranty card or registered them on the kef website.
  10. Because if I do take the amp home won't be able to return it if change my mind...
  11. I don't have an amp. Ordered it separately and haven't even picked it up. They do sound phenomenal when I demoed them in store with some great gear. This would have been first setup. So yeah that's why.. would have plugged it in if I had an amp. But I dont.
  12. Yeah, can't expect them to really. Was told I could then was told by another person the next day I couldnt.
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