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  1. What else can I say that hasn't already been said! Best to give it a very wide berth!!
  2. I use an old PC fan and 12V supply. Make up a home brew bracket from some scrap aluminium and it should do the trick. Solder fumes aren't the best to breath in long term, so not a bad idea to suck them away!
  3. Did this to my old Forester. All 4 doors. Would get more benefit from a sedan, as there is no open back area. I used Dynamat, but I doubt there is a huge difference between the brands. Was pretty easy as a DIY project. I took it easy and did one door at a time. Very noticeable decrease in road noise, and as gat474 said, I got that "European" solid door thud. Only real negative is the extra weight that it adds. That Dynamat stuff is pretty heavy stuff, and it certainly adds a few kilos to the car. Would I do it again? Yep.
  4. There to damp the needle movement. Probably not needed in this case though.
  5. Hi, I have a VN 700, which I guess is the baby brother to the 900. Have had it for years, and it works great still, although some of the pots are a little noisy. Mine has 2 X Phono inputs, which you don't see on many amps. No doubt the 900 will be similar. I really like the EQ or SEA section. Much better than a plain Bass & Treble control.
  6. Hi All, just joined up to have a good look around. Mainly interested in "Old School" audio from the 70~80's era. Looking at a bit of of a cleanup, so figured this might be a good place to get, as well as off load some of my old classic relics! Cheers!
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