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  1. Which Kanto desk stands are those? S2? If you get interest for the kef speakers and kef stands, but not the kanto desk stands, I'd be interested in the latter.
  2. Hey spamnoj, What amp do you run these with? I've read that they can be hard to pair with, but sound fantastic with the right equipment.
  3. If I hadn't already purchased the Primare i15 Prisma, I'd be jumping on this. Great price for a great product.
  4. Damn, that'll teach me not to dither Let me know if it falls through
  5. How well do you think it would do with an amp with 60 watts (p/c into 8ohms) max output?
  6. Are these quite fussy in terms of placement? I notice you have them quite far out from the wall in the picture.
  7. My router currently assigns the channel automatically. Can I assume that it chooses a channel based on whether it's busy or not? In any case, I used a wifi analyzer, and from what I can see I'm the only one occupying the particular channel I am on (while the jitter was happening). In addition, the ping returned no lost packets and and an average ping of 1 ms. Over a period of a minute there was one spike to 15 ms. Once again, ever during jitter I didn't see any spike in ping time when playing music over dlna. It's possible that the NAS was having issues. I'll try pinging again when there is jitter over Tidal.
  8. Unfortunately the main switch is strangely located in my bedroom closet, which means I'd have to keep my noisy router in my closet while I sleep. Not ideal The router isn't very far from the amp/streamer, but there is a wall between them.
  9. And I'm assuming this should be done without the music playing? Also, would it significantly colour the results of the test if I do the ping from a different node in the network rather than from the main switch? I don't actually have a laptop, but I suppose I could borrow one to run the test.
  10. Well, sometimes, but certainly not each time. Often enough the network isn't doing much else and the stuttering still occurs.
  11. Thanks Peter! Very helpful. I'll try these things and report back
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