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  1. I find myself collecting these CC24O speakers, currently having five of them and only one in use as a centre.
  2. Thanks for your prompt reply. Might try him as I still have a pair of great Jamo D450's operating in one of my setups that were purchased from Len about 15 years ago and may have seen a pair of the Sabres at that time, though don't recall listening to them. At the time speakers such as the Sabres looked so plain and boxy compared to the nice lines and shape of the 450's that I shunned the like, plus and despite multiple cost, the highs on the Jamos were too sweet to resist. Haven't hooked the Sabres up yet, as I am not staying at home at the moment and only got them and Medusas as part of a purchase with the Thor mk2 sub that I was after, so yet to sample their notes. As you mentioned, the layout and porting suggests separate enclosures for bass emphasis, which is okay by me. It will be my first taste of conventional Richter speakers, having had a set of the very different Precious Metals that I moved on at the start of the year, but keeping the Krakatoa sub that came with them.
  3. Hi @Spinnergeoff, Thanks for the brochures and link. Sorry to bother, but wondering if you have any information on the Predator Sabre floorstanders, as I can't seem to find out much about them? Thanks, Bryce
  4. Thanks for the welcome. I am very much a canine person, but always enjoy a friendly cat and stroke my wandering neighbors, much to the chagrin of my Newfoundland and Toy Poodle odd couple girls if looking through the front door or gate.
  5. Missed out on a pair of SMGa's with a Nakamichi amp by about 30 seconds last week and for only $150, bummer.
  6. Hi guys and gals from me, Bryce, nestled here in the NSW coastal lakes region at Budgewoi, I have been lurking around here over the years, mainly finding answers after my Google searches, from the many knowledgeable forumers. Whilst this is a stereo site, my current journey is more of an enveloping one through the developments of surround formats, though I still love my two channel time, whether seated in a prime position enjoying the imaging and musical nuances, or having it blasting throughout the house and sharing with the neighborhood. Yet to finish things off audio (and other) wise in our latest home nor to take a step into quality electronics and set up a dedicated home theatre room, but shuffling towards them. Haven't even set up some switching so that I can bi-amp my thirsty Jamo D450's, as they are now only hooked up to a full Atmos receiver, but the tweeters in those must be really good as they still shine somewhat, even without much driving punch behind them. Must be about fifteen years or so of listening to them now, having been solely two channel in their early years and am still far from tiring of hearing through them. In far from ideal open plan areas with tiled floors and cathedral ceilings, I have two Atmos setups. Living room is 5.3.2, with Jamo D450's up front, split by the matching D4 centre and S626's at rear, with a pair of Wharfdale Crystal 10's mounted to the timber beam above. The lounge room is 5.4.2, with Aarons all around, ATS 5s with a CC 240 in front, ATS 4s out back and SS 120s up top. I really appreciate all that the big Aaron centre brings to enhance the movie experience and whilst there were/are other good centres and subjectively better around, I doubt any have neared the value for money that it provides for those lucky enough to have one and the space it takes up. Storing another CC 240, along with a bunch of others that I may use in the proposed dedicated HT, or if I can justify the outlay for a much beefier receiver, could well add them to form an 11 channel system in the lounge room, as it is a large area. Elsewhere we have 5.1 Dali surround speakers for my son's room for gaming, of which the Ultracube 10 sub just stopped turning on. Will have to find out why, but not sure where to start as weirdly, it has no switch and normally just turns on automatically when a signal is applied. Plugged in an old Krakatoa that I kept after moving the rest of my old Richter Precious Metals system on, to make sure it wasn't an amp or cable issue, but can't use it as it is too big for the available space. Not getting used much anyway nowadays, as since I have let him play online recently, he uses a headset most if the time anyhow, so finding the fuse or other problem can wait. Also have a pair of big old RTR (Reel To Reel?) boxes connected to an amp in the garage that get really pumping occasionally and like everything else that I have connected, most importantly, sound good to me. Finally, and just so I can listen when and where I want, a pair of over ear Sony headphones that I can cope with listening to compressed music from you tube etc on. Enough rambling from me and hopefully will chat with a lot of you later. Thanks for your time, Bryce
  7. Thanks Muon, as the review pretty well addressed that which I sought to clarify.
  8. Hi Truong, I am not far down the coast at Budgewoi and am also new on here. I also suppose that I am also some sort of audiophile as well, because I spend way too much time on the subject. Regards, Bryce
  9. Hi Mushroom, Been a periodic lurker on this site for a good while now and usually find my answer, but not for this one. I have a bunch of Aarons, but have never seen these ones and going off the Pre 2008 PDF, they are not listed as having two 8in drivers, but only one. Just wondering how they compare with the ATS5's, in case you have sampled both? Thanks, Bryce
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