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  1. I'm hesitating to weigh into this too much being new here but, I do not agree. A nice router or a nice switch does not equal hearing 'better quality audio' full stop. Your opening statement was true for broadcast quality networks that due to architecture that was correct at the time (things have changed I'm sure) required low-latent point-to-point fibre transmission to get the most out of their live transmission. As new as I am to audio, 'real-time' for home audio is false idea. Live broadcast media, different story. Any suggestion that your network device(s) - and I am talking on premise only, no streaming from Internet hosted services - are introducing any audio degradation can only be a result of interference with the power of said units (maybe, stretch) and not the underlying technology that is transmitting the content. The keyword here is transmitting and NOT transforming*. For audio that is streamed via Internet services there is also variable bitrate (VBR) to consider which can vary the quality of the media (audio or video) streamed to/from a device based on how the control plane measures available resources, e.g.; throughput, jitter, packet loss. Only then (unless your home network is congested) would one experience variance in audio quality. *Ethernet hardware and the protocol is for transport. Only when the transport mechanism introduces constraints such as bandwidth, loss and latency, such as Bluetooth, does one then transform media with codecs to deal with the constraints by the transport medium.
  2. Hi, I have only joined this forum recently and was curious when I read in one of the classified pages I believe, the sale of 'audio ethernet cables'. Now, I do not have an in-depth knowledge of all audio gear available in the market as it is not my expertise. Are we talking just standard, TCP/IP over Ethernet networks here? If so I would assume that the payload (audio) is being processed and transmitted by a computer via an application and received by a dedicated unit such as a DAC (which also runs an application) or even, another computer that is acting as a receiver and ultimately the DAC. If this is the case then any networking equipment that you can purchase for the home in 2020 will more than suffice. Get it from BigW, JB HiFi, wherever. It has zero influence on audio quality. No need to spend big bucks, install racks, powering the rack, then cooling, and the noise and the ugliness. Cheap(er) equipment may not handle more than two devices transmitting at a 'high throughput' but, really, that would only influence the buffer on the receiving end. Increase the buffer size. It would never impact audio quality. If your home network demands more throughput with less buffering (throttling ultimately) then get higher grade gear. Same if you want more wireless coverage. Is there something obvious I have missed here?
  3. Hi! I have been part of this forum for a while now and not sure why I never introduced myself here, so here it is. I don't have the most advanced the setup but for me its pretty well balanced I think; Yamaha AX-550 Yamaha NS-70, re-cap'd w/Mundorf EVO Oil Capacitors Pro-ject Debut II w/2M Blue Pro-ject Speedbox 2 ART Pro Audio DJPRE II Phono Preamplifier Audiotechnica ATH-M40x w/aftermarket deeper angled ear pads Apple Airport Express The caps , phono preamp and speedboat are recent changes to my setup (lockdown projects) as was I interested in testing what an external preamp would deliver. The DJPre is a good price for testing. It kills the preamp in the amp! I was running an OM2 on the TT whilst in a share house and moved to the 2M Red, then the Blue (cheap deal). The Speedbox was in part a 'eh, why not?' decision. I got a good 2nd hand deal and now I am playing 45's I haven't played for quite a long time. I've read that the clean power from the speedbox delivers a sound closer to the precision of a CD than vinyl and, now that I've read that I am probably hearing it to be honest. Some of these reviews may be true in countries that have lower general voltage and much older power distribution that AUS does so, not sure its true here TBH. The Mundorf's lift the speakers without a doubt. They expand the stage quite a lot and not unnatural (probably the Yamaha holding that) but my only problem is that these speakers really do sound well driven harder than I can for 50% of the time so I don't get the full effect always. I tested the ATH-M50x's before I bought the M40's and glad I did. Not only was this a saving for my wallet but also my ears. The M50's are woeful. I play a good 80% of the time using Pure Direct on the Yamaha. The next steps I am investigating are; - A entry-mid level DAC & Raspberry Pi music box to replace the Airport Express - An alternate amp just to see what my speakers could do? Dunno - A headphone amp - I'd love to try different speakers but, until lockdown is well over in VIC I'll hold money to hear them first hand
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