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  1. Ideally what it sounds like in comparison to my current setup which will never be known on paper. I'm interested in this unit but have never heard one so I'm basically flying blind. That's my challenge to solve of course.
  2. I have JBL TLX 16 that are currently driven by a Yamaha AX-550, I am curious about this unit. I've never heard a Rega, only read about them.
  3. Does this have an AU power supply or does it come with an adapter?
  4. Further information: Complete James Bond Collectors DVD Box set. All discs are perfect, no scratches. Titles shown in one of the photos. Pick-up only sorry, Fitzroy North. Prefer this week as I'm moving and would like to not take it with me! Photos:
  5. Further information: A pair of Yamaha NS-70 floor speakers in great condition. No marking or damage on any of the speakers, screens are complete with no cracks. The odd, small, mark here and there on the tower - general age / wear and tear. I had have had these for about 5 years hooked up to a Yamaha AX-550 and they sound very nice. They would suit a home theatre setup as well. Lockdown in VIC had me do some "upgrades" to them which may not have been required but hey, lockdown. I added feet and I changed the caps and they currently have installed MU-EVO-Oil-
  6. Good to hear with your fine tuning you have found a combination that works!
  7. I have all the commands with descriptions documented. More than happy to send them to you and you can give it crack if you feel like it. You cannot do anything in the terminal that factory reset with a hairpin can't fix. You get basic (advanced compared to UI) commands to radio control but cannot execute anything crazy like mounting new storage and wiping things. It is just a standard AT command set. PM if you like with an email and I'll send it over.
  8. Are you doing your analysis via the terminal or the WebUI? The former will give you more data + control. The WebUI on either unit don’t break down CA, they only show the primary band association. Use the terminal and you can start tuning.
  9. Glad I could be of assistance I am not in the same position as yourself with this (regional) but radio comms I am interested in. Even though the problem space for me is constrained to the inner city as part of my research I tend to deep dive and want to know it all. I'm sure you have been reading a number of articles on the topic but I just came across the following which is quite straight forward; https://www.telcoantennas.com.au/buying/smart-guides/guide-to-4g-antennas-and-mimo/ Your antenna guy will be all over this and should be able to do t
  10. I started playing this over the last week and I am super impressed. I don't tend to play a lot adventure games at all, usually racing and the occasional FPS. Very impressed. I love the story line with the play.
  11. I got a 14-day trial pass for Game Pass Ultimate that came with a purchase on the weekend which I cannot use as I am already a subscriber - was hoping to top up my existing subscription, doh! Will send code via PM for the first who puts their hand up. MS have a good system with this - I now only buy DLC's for full games when they near the end of their Game Pass life and I want to keep them. EA Play is now included also.
  12. It is frustrating that only B28 is available for you and a real shame that B3 isn't there as you could at least get a decent CA profile with them. Curious, have you tested this or just relied on what you can get with you setup from home and/or tower research?
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