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  1. UPDATE: Vern lives! - I just spoke to him he's alive and well so all is good my Tascam is waiting for parts
  2. Hi there! Does anyone know a guy named Vern from Franklin Audio Barn in Waiuku? Short story is he says he's a HiFi repairer so I sent him a 112R Tascam Pro Cassette Deck back in September to assess for repair and now he's no where to be found? I have msgd him recently and phoned but not response here's his profile: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/profile/271751-fab/ I fear I may have been duped by this guy (I hope not) but if u know him please get him to call me on 021719329 just to make sure he's alive and can still do the job - cheers FAB 102 Victoria Avenue Waiuku Auckland 2123 ph a/h 09-9298326
  3. Hi Stereonetters, Today I purchased for NZD$1 (deemed as E-Waste) two Tascam 112R MK II Cassette Decks - I am looking for someone in NZ that can assess and repair at least one of them. One of decks powers up but when I play a tape it goes into Record Pause Mode. Neither Play, FF or RW is functioning. I contacted Fred at Retrotronics in Auckland but he does not repair he prefers to buy, restore and sell his own equipment which is understandable. I am based in Hamilton New Zealand and the repairer could use parts from one to the other or repair both... after paying out $1 I'm happy to throw some coin into this job could even give one of the decks to the repairer if they want to have one for themselves...as long as I get my one up and going. Parts available from https://tascamninja.com Let me know if you a guy or gal up for the job, cheers William.
  4. Hi all Long story short, In the late 70's my older brother purchased a JA Michell Reference Hydraulic Transcription Turntable - two weeks ago he gave it to me YESS! It has been in a wardrobe for the last thirty years and will need servicing and restoration and get it back to its original condition - is there any experts here familiar with restoration of this this vintage gem? Thanks in advanced
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