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  1. The topic has veered off a bit ......in any case if one has to "accept" and "invest" on high priced grounding box such as entreq or nordost units - and related grounding cables equally high priced - to get "audible" effect from a $ 600/- EthernetRegen - hello ....are we pursuing high fidelity or being blatantly gullible for marketing activities ? If your speaker / units has "so much" excess RF to cause performance concern - well then its time to invest on some good quality equipment / units as against grounding wire / box's! as practically all grouding wires would do the "same job, with same results". - well IMHO
  2. Thanks for the reply...... The person or guys who built it for you - are they not in business ? Have you heard about an amp called Tatksuki TA-S01 ?
  3. Hello Gryffles.... would you throw more light on this amp ? Where can I get more info ? - considering getting a unit .... without breaking my wallet & back 😀
  4. me too !!! I've had this fantastic unit....before moving on to separates .......the price you are offering is frankly very very low!! whoever ends up getting this - lucky guy/girl !!
  5. I do share your views - I think people who experience "big" improvement must be either facing a low speed internet or living near some high powerline / industrial fluctuation areas ? may be ? or the the equipment they are using. I wasn't expecting any "significant" leap - but if it had provided even a 10% betterment - i would've wanted to keep the eRegen.....
  6. Hello Snoopy8.....thanks for your reply. I will be happy to post my findings after the so called 70 Hr plus burn......it is connected 24x7 and as you know it runs 24x7 as there are no separate power switches.... Clearly the switching to plastic plug cables helped......and as for using the metal shielded AQ, it is totally okay to use it on the B port as UpTone themselves advocate. I will try out this combination as well.....and report my findings couple of days later..... I have read using the optical cable helps - but again - only in areas were the connectivity is an issue....
  7. ....I will happily admit that I am not "the expert" in the intricacies of sound reproduction, nor qualified to be an authority - but after having listened to several tracks of different qualities over several hours - I've decided to keep my original setup and return the eRegen. That certainly is not saying anything against eRegen in negativity. Observation 1 clearly sounded more natural & gentle and very very realistic to me than observation 2 which was with eRegen. The sound-stage, the imaging, the guitar strumming and even the siding of artists fingers down the fretboard of the guitar, every breath intake of the singer before every line - (Sound of Silence - Susan Wong) are all there in both options ..... but then if you are like me who likes your pint with a full head on and would return it if it isn't, then that's what I say about I like it on Option 1. Its 'whole" without any bit of coloration. Toto's Rosanna at both 44.1 / 24bit FLAC as well as the album version 44.1/16bit FLAC, Pink Floyds Time @ 44.1/16bit, an old track by Tina Charles "Dance Little Lady" @ 44.1/16bit, Billie Jean by the MJ, Shallow by Lady Gaga, Grizzly Bear by Angus&Julia Stone, Thanks to you - Boz-Scaggs and finally Sound of Silence - Susan Wong, to name a few - all back to back by changing the cables....& I am convinced. Of course sound changes in both option - but not really audible unless one has such trained ears and years and years of listening.....now is it better - it will be an individual choice I feel. Once you have a very good high end system, you cant go beyond that point to improve the sound - you can only tweak it.....and that tweak will help some people for sure. I've read somewhere that all these digital signals via zeros and dots does reach probably at varying speeds and more than buffering, the eRegen probably disciplines it before sending it to the streamer and it probably improves. But if you already have an excellent net connection / LAN with good streamer and reference level DAC, then any further monies spent - is all on tweaking. Like the pint and its foamy head. Cheers friends!
  8. - Yes! with plastic tip terminated Ethernet cables - the muddiness I faced indeed disappeared...!! and it sound good. Next comparisons made and findings so far has been as follows - in my order of preference:- 1. AQ Diamond Ethernet cable from streamer direct to the wall socket 2. Plastic tip terminated Ethernet cable to / from the eRegen to the wall socket & to the streamer 3. Any metallic terminated cable through the eRegen - certainly a big NO. I am equally at ease with option 1 & 2, and if I were to discard either the AQ Diamond Cable or eRegen, I probably can save some money - that will be my course of action. I must admit - I haven't "grounded" the eRegen as of now nor have I used any special power supply for it.
  9. that's a brilliant observation Snoopy8 ......to the question - did ER provide a "difference" to the SQ, the answer is "Yes"........was it an improvement that I liked - the answer is "No" ...I didn't like it ..... I certainly think the "improvement" is dependent on your other components / power supply and connectivity..... With my Terminator DAC and Aries G1 Streamer powered by Accuphase A48+C2850 combo, the SQ variation is something I disliked immediately !! The ethernet Cable is AQ Diamond....
  10. Tannoys normally come with a 5th Terminal - to connect a cable that would help in eliminating the "RF" if any .....question is where can I find an affordable grounding block ? Surely this should no thousands of $$$$ I read about SR Blocks and Swedish Entreq etc.....but high priced... Anyone with Tannoys and the 5th terminal usage ? - kindly share your experience.....and workaround.... Thanks
  11. PS Audio DSD Direct Stream or Schitt Yggy ? :one offers DSD compatibility while the other doesn't ..... Is PS Audio a better selection over the other OR vice versa ? Any feedback from users who have had both - please do respond....much appreciated. Cheers!
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