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  1. I had Icon 6, and heard the 7. Both sound great! In my opinion you can't do much better than these for the price.
  2. Interested to buy as well, please let me know if not sold / or if by any chance Suresh changes his mind
  3. Thanks for the invitation Bryan - much appreciate it, but unfortunately can't make it this time. No, my own design, nothing too fancy, but high energy efficiency and passive house principles design. This is the second house I'm going to build this way, so I already have some experience
  4. Thanks Brian, believe it or not, but when we decided to buy an acrage few years ago, we submitted two offers - one in Mountain River and one where I'm now. The Mountain River one got rejected I've just finished building shed and about to start the house. Will take awhile to finish everything as designed, as I plan to do 90% of labour myself. You are definitely welcome to come once there is something to look at
  5. I second this. IMO, you are not going to see huge SQ improvement by buying new amp @1k brand new. On the second hand market however, there are very sweet offers sometimes @1.5-2k I also second advice to try exposure 2010 if you can find it. I have its older brother (3010s) and for the money it was one of the best sounding amp on the market at the time.
  6. Ha! Same happened with me. We went to Tassie on holidays just for a week 10 years ago. On our last day we couldn't resist and bought block of land. In another 2 months moved here permanently. No regrets so far well, the only issue is when you want to buy new hi-fi component it's impossible to listen to it first...
  7. Thanks for quick replies guys, then what streamers should I be looking at to replace StreamMagic6? Budget is anything between AU$1000-3000, not looking for any particular features (will stream music via USB from external drive), only looking for the best sound.
  8. Don't want to hijack the topic, but I have same dilemma as topic starter. Tried to google the issue, but cannot find a definitive answer. I currently have CA Stream Magic 6, with digital signal going into external DAC. My question is will there be notable difference in sound quality if I upgrade to more expensive streamer? Again, I'm going to by-pass built-in DAC anyway, using streamer as a digital source only.
  9. Yes and no. Yes, I would be willing to pay up to about $200-300 for the right advice, from someone very experienced., if I'm going to spend $5-10k. However, my issue is finding and trusting such individual, therefore No, it's highly unlikely I would pay random person for it, since I can't be sure his advice will be "right" for me.
  10. Thanks guys! Paul, great to know other audiophiles do exist in Tasmania, I've been living here for the last 9 years and haven't met a single soul who was seriously into hi-fi. I'm on the other side of the river though - Carlton River area.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Eugene from Tassie living fully offgrid among hundred acres of bush, but still love my hi-fi stereo, which is currently in the storage unfortunately, until I finish owner-building house first. I'm very glad I've found this forum - so much useful info! I love DIY very much and have Troels Jenzen Next kit lying around (have had it for 4 years now), hoping to build a pair of beautiful speakers one day (when I have slightly more time) Until now I was using quite simple but effective setup: Cambridge Audio StreamMagic >> Wyred4Sound DAC2 >> Exposure 3010 integrated amp >> Dali Icon 6. However I'm thinking about fully rebuilding the system (maybe will go valve amp way) once I build Jenzen Next's
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