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  1. It was second hand, but the guy I bought it off reckons he only used it once
  2. Just did it then (in pattern 2) and switching between the two. Don't really notice much difference though? Apart from a reduction in bass being produced in the speakers?
  3. I'm a bit of a noob with adjusting all the different settings, but after putting it in the new spot and turning the volume up on the sub (about 2 o'clock) sounds loads better (And doing YPAO again). I might go into a more in depth setup process once I learn a bit more (if I don't get lazy lol) Thanks for your help so far guys! Really appreciated 😊
  4. Have edited my previous post to include photo 😓
  5. Ok, so this the room, however behind the couch is the kitchen and dining area. After doing the sub crawl ive put it in this position (havent tested yet), before it was on the right side next to the floor speaker. I did notice during the sub crawl, it was significantly weaker where I had it compared to where I have now put it
  6. Actually just now through experimenting, I think it might be that the sub doesn't receive as wide a frequency range for the bass as the speakers (when no sub is active within the settings)?
  7. The bass seems more filling(?) With the subwoofer turned off in the settings as it must send more bass to the normal speakers
  8. Yes, that's after the sub was installed
  9. Hey guys, I just purchased a SVS PB 2000 to compliment my Dali Zensor 7's and Zensor Vokal, setup in 5.1 And Yamaha RX V1085. However the sub seems a bit underwhelming, at "recommended volume" (half on the back of sub). Basically the sub at that volume, doesn't even replace the bass that the speakers had by themselves (calibrated through the YPAO Mic). I know I can just turn the volume on the sub up... But from what I have read, half volume should be more then enough? Thanks for helping out noob lol
  10. Oh, yeah think they are both in the same spot (in the middle)
  11. Is there an easy way to determine wether they are actually symmetrical or asymmetrical? Or would it just be a subtle difference
  12. I'd laugh if I wasn't so pissed off haha
  13. I ordered from Grays online through ebay
  14. Hi all, my order was royally stuffed up... I ordered 2 pairs of BLACK Dali Zensor 7's, and recieved one pair black and one pair walnut, and to top that off, I was sent two right black speakers.... So I'm just wondering if it actually matters if you have two right speakers connected in a left and right channel on the amp? I can't find anything about it online, but I'm guessing that it wouldn't really matter?? Thanks guys
  15. Hi all, I'm upgrading my whole HTS and debating wether to get 4 Zensor 7's or 2 Zensor 7's and 2 Zensor 3 bookshelf speakers. I can get the Zensor 7's for $912 a pair and the Zensor 3's for $365 a pair! Just wondering if it would be worth spending the extra $540, or if you factor bookshelf stands as well, $420 extra. They will most likely be powered by a Yamaha RXV 1085. Cheers!
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