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  1. I have two of those, since had these, don't use CD players anymore. Really good item for use, sound and look. Highly recommend!
  2. Further information: RRP 230USD 2.0m length (01 left) Made in USA Brand new condition Add $10 for postage Photos:
  3. Further information: I have original crates so shipping is not problem. I can help for delivery to Sydney but without original crates as these are too big for my car. Shipping info for one speaker: Dimension: 52 x 165 x 67cm Volume: 0.574m3 Weight: 81.5kg Thanks for watching. Photos:
  4. - Zu Audio 3.5mm to RCA 1m: $68 sold - Zu Audio Mission MK1 XLR 1m: $96 sold - Zu Audio Mission MK1 XLR 2m: $116 (3 pcs left) - Zu Audio Mission MK1 Power cable 1m, US plug, Watgate connector: $138 Note: Prices are for pickup, postage plus $10 Further information: All brand new condition. Photos:
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