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  1. Item: SS Power Amp Price Range: 10-20.000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hello folks, having sold my Pass, I have finalized the shortlist. 🤩 I already found something suitable but I am checking if anyone has for sale one of the amps below (or other very close model): D'Agostino Classic 2 or Progression stereo Vitus SS-025 Gryphon Antileon Burmester 911 Accustic Arts Amp II, Amp III or Mono II My preference (for logistics reasons) goes for stereo, but the monos can be an option (not easy within the budget). Thanks, have a great weekend Paul
  2. Hi Jeremy, some ongoing discussions, but still available. Cheers, Paul
  3. You are right. In my case there's also the tube pre to make it ever smoother and warmer
  4. Thanks, it's nothing too esoteric, a NorStone Stabbl: you can flexibly arrange the trays (indeed the original 2 racks, have been now placed on 3 separate columns) and a good WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor...)
  5. For sale my Pass Labs X150.5 stereo power amp (10W class A, total 150W pc), currently playing in a full balanced chain. It's complete with original box, manual and detachable power cable. (UPDATE) Purchased ex demo in March 2016, had 3 years of factory warranty, I can handover a copy of the invoice to the next owner (I guess not much of use now, but it's a proof or purchase throught the official dealer). Shipping not included, pickup and listening session (with your pre if it has XLR balanced inputs too) welcome Link to Pass X150.5 website page
  6. Item: interconnects (RCA, XLR) and speaker cables+jumpers Location: North Sydney Price: pls see below Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: change of full set of cables Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: For sale the following cables: RCA: - 1 pair VDH M.C. D 102 Mk III Hybryd, 1.5 mt: $160 SOLD - 2 1 pairs VDH The Waterfall RCA, 1.5 mt: $220/pair SOLD - 1 pair QED Reference Audio 40, 0.6 mt: $90 SOLD XLR: - 1 pair of The Integration Hybrid with Neutrik XLR connectors 1.1 mt: $270 Speaker - 1 pair Arctic Halogen Free, banana-banana, 7 mt + 1 jumpers pair: $200 Shipping will be added at cost. You can pick them up in Sydney CBD or North Sydney if you prefer. Enjoy the music! Paul Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Hello Sandrews, They should all be available. I am abroad and will be able to confirm Sunday. Thanks for your patience
  8. Hi Adam, Welcome to the Jungle is VG+/VG+ @9AUD Police - Outlandos d'amour is Japan, 1978 NM/VG+ @50AUD Others all reserved for you, kindly PM me the address so that this evening I will send the shipping cost. KR P
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