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  1. Good eye and almost spotted all of them. Aqua La Scala Mk II Optologic and Perreaux Audiant VP3 phono stage (and hidden on the right a Gordian Lab 12 power conditioner)
  2. OMG!!!! hahahah it costs more than the Pass!!!!! I guess my brain is gone...of course the Pass doesn't have any remote 🙄🙃
  3. Indeed, Pass remains in the shortlist for the upgrade
  4. Thanks, and good morning. Here are the pics of the remote. I don't know if it has a specific model number...
  5. Item: Pass Labs X 150.5 Location: North Sydney Price: 4.500 plus shipping Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: For sale my Pass Labs X150.5 stereo power amp (10W class A, 150W overall), currently playing in a full balanced chain. It's complete with original box, manual and detachable power cable. Conditions: perfect in every aspect except for the scratch on the side of the heat sink (pls see detailed pic, the scratch is less than 1 cm). You're most welcome to come to listen to it (sorry but the setup is still not fine tuned) Link to Pass X150.5 website page Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Hi Ittaku, I guess that being low noise is one of the 6H30P, BAT and ARC started using them for this reason as far as I read. Unfortunately not many manufacturers have them in their catalogue (Sovtek and EH mainly). Of course it's fair to say that each tube has slight differences
  7. I exchanged them and it looks like they are the pre ones (probably I understood which one it is...) they are the 6H30P. The 6550 is used for the power section (with another 6H30). Thevalvestore.com.au has Electro Harmonix Gold and Sovtek: if I am not wrong ARC uses selected Sovtek.
  8. the valve store has a couple of models that fit, thanks I need 4 matched, so I can't buy just a spare one...
  9. thanks Batmaqn, I scanned the advice for shopping threafs but not the amps one... basically all foreign suppliers, anyway the list is very interesting Thanks!
  10. Hi music/hifi lovers, I am afraid that moving my stuff from Europe damaged one of my preamp tubes (ARC Ref 5SE), any good place where I can buy a good matched set here in Australia at a fair price? Thanks
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