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  1. Thanks guys, I'll go for Furutech rhodium on the key electronics (the Optimum is a thick cable, but it's a general preference for quality/reliable connectors when it's about protecting expensive stuff...) and Clipsal for the rest... Looking forward to have all the system in place... (deliver delayed once again...a nightmare) Have a great week!
  2. Thanks, I haven't any rhodium plated connector,...any perceivable difference vs gold?
  3. On a state by state? OMG Not exactly what you would consider as a "standard"... Thank you, I will count them and let you know
  4. Thanks Moun N'. I moved a few times... (6 times in 9 years...) and you are right, sometimes voltage is unstable. I have a pretty good power conditioner https://www.lab12.gr/gordian The brand is not a major one but it does its job well and, most of all, doesn't impact the sound. I use it for all the analogic electronics (i.e. excluding the informatic part that is under an UPS) except the power amp which is usually directly connected to wall socket. The display shows power absorption and voltage too...so I will be able to see how it works in my area/building. Thanks for the welcome!
  5. Thanks Pete, I will look at them. I have bought from MCRU a few times already...usually good prices.
  6. Hi all, just moved here (well...still waiting for my stuff from Europe...more than a month late...) and I have to change the connector to my power cables (all Schuko), can you kindly give me some advice? My cables are mainly Isotek Optimum but also a few Van den Hul (have been moving to Isotek recently) - so far I only found the FURUTECH FI-AU3112-N1, any other good suggestion? I couldn't find Oyaide, ...and the Furutech are in the 145-165 AUD range. Maybe something as good or better but cheaper is available? - anyone that you know who could change and solder the connectors in Sydney? Thank you!
  7. Thank you! And Happy Easter to all of us
  8. thanks! I hope it will sound good in the new home
  9. Yes, I noticed that... Dangerous for me
  10. Thank you, they where "in competition" vs Magico S3. I believe that they both sound great even if different. Which ones do you have?
  11. Thanks, indeed I saw that some members made an amazing job with room treatment... I will surely find some good advice here
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