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  1. mate, I am heading down to gc this Friday. can you tell me if these are still available
  2. Found the problem , the set up was done to suit my living room , settings of distance of l/r speakers are different. Readjusted to suit the music room now , running perfectly now.
  3. Hi all, Something I don’t understand with my system , it would be much appreciated if someone can enlighten me. I recently moved my nad m15 to the music room to replace a nad t763, the problem I am experiencing is the stereo image changed. With the nad t763 , the vocal is dead centre but with m15, the vocal location moved to the right hand side. Source , power amp, speakers , positions of speakers and seating are all the same . The system is 2.1 , using av gears mainly for sub management. I am am not sure if I messed up something in the setting of m15, but it ran perfectly well when was connected to home theatre.
  4. Hi Thanks for the advise , I was just wondering if I can find some feedback of the real owners experience on this forum first
  5. Hi all , I am in the process to update the crossover for my gen 1, nearly bought some 3.3uf caps to refresh them then I thought , what exactly is the difference between each generation, I remember seeing something like the second gen brought the crossover frequency of the woofers down to 5khz instead of 8khz. Just wondering if any vaf dcx owners out there may shed some lights on the crossover designs.
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