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  1. Yes, i would say that 'solid' is a good word to describe a fuller sound. Still feel, in answer to Chris, that there is an improvement in the bass, albeit moderate. The clarity may come as Chris suggests may be from the sound being tidier; possibly a case of semantics? I have also previously done an Isokinetic Cardas rewire on the RB303 that was also a definite improvement. I haven't any experience of the Elyse or Dynavector cartridges, but suspect the move to MC would result in an improvement. I bought my PR3 without a cart as I already has an Ortofon MC 30 Super. I clumsily damaged the cantilever, so replaced it with an Ania. Quite happy with it. Peter
  2. Like Guyzer I bought an Isotek Premier, but before the massive price hike. I too was impressed with the overall improvement ( aka. post purchase rationalisation). The purchase was prompted by the noticeable improvement I experienced when I had to replace a 1.2mm link cable from a PSU to a preamp. I ended up purchasing 3 more Isotek Premiers, doing so in a rush to beat the price hike. I would like to know how Guyzer find the Intinium if he purchases one. I still need a couple of more cables.
  3. I have recently replaced the stock Rega Sub platter on my RP3 with a Fidelity Designs Reference Sub Platter and Bearing kit. Very happy with the result; a noticable improvement in overall clarity and more solid bass. Not sure how this kit would compare with Tango or Groovetracer, but price wise it seemed about the right amount to spend on this level of turntable. I would be interested on the views of others who have done sub platter upgrades.
  4. Yes, the big drop in price is what encouraged me to buy a pair.
  5. Couldn't agree more. The more they burn in the better the get.
  6. Apologies for a late reply to Something clever, it's been a busy few days. I agree that changing valves can make a great difference. I was until recently using a Musical Fidelity X Pre and when I changed the stock JAN Philip ECC88s to Reflektors I got a significant improvement, particulary in the bass response which as much deeper and more detail, The improvement with the Dueland bypass caps is not as great, but still significant and worthwhile. Peter
  7. Hearing the difference may be subjective, but I am satifsied that it is here and enough to justify the outlay.
  8. Thanks John, Very interesting! I am hoping the sound of my spaekers will improve with a few mor =e hours. I will probably investing in another pair for the tweeter circuit. Peter
  9. I have just purchased a pair of Dueland Silver bypass capacitors to go with the 35mf Clarity Cap MRs on the mid range of My TDL Studio 4s. After just a few hours of listening I notice much more detail and more generally open sound. It seems to a worthwhile upgrade for the cost, about $70 per cap. I would be interested to hear if others have a similar experience with these capacitors? Regards, Peter
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