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  1. Hello Ian, Yes, very happy with the Studio 4s. It took a long time to get there. I rewired internally using some old Tara Labs Prime 500 cables. I also rebuilt the crossovers using Clarity Cap MR and Janzen Z Superior capacitors; and Janzen inductors. I also replaced the midrange units with Monacor SPH 135 KEP (kevlar) drivers. I fitted some Fostex attenuators to balance these with the bass units. The tweeters were replaced with Eton 25mm units. I think rebuilding the crossovers gave the greatest benefit, though due to the size of the components I had to fix them on sheets of light ply and mount on the back of the speakers. I have much more detail overall, particularly in the bass where I have used Janzen 8,2mH 12awg inductors. I also found upgrading to TQ Ultra Black cables well worth while. Not sure whether I have heard the Polks you have so no idea how they would compare? Cheers, Peter
  2. Hello, I suppose I would come under the "Hobbyist" label. I have in the past built my own speakers and currently use some TDL Studio 4s that I have upgraded internal wiring and the capacitors and inductors on the crossovers. I also in the process of trying to upgrade a Musical Fidelity X Pre with the Rock Grotto mods. Would be interested to hear from anyone who has done this. Cheers, Peter
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