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  1. HI All, Many thanks for your helpful comments and particularly the heads up for Liquid Audio (OzCall). I am not confident to do much maintenance myself. Can anyone here suggest where I might get an estimate of how much I'd likely get for the kit before I spend bucks refurbishing them. I think the sale is a high probability event. (You're right OzCall it is the speakers which are the main sticking point 😁) Cheers Kevin
  2. HI Rantan, So you think the unused time in storage is unlikely to have had a damaging effect. That's good news. This was quite expensive gear when I bought it so its a shame to think it might have decayed Thanks Kevin
  3. HI I have had the following audio gear in storage for several years and have now brought it out to review usage or sell (wife very keen on second option :O) ) The gear is Cyrus II Amplifier with PSX power supply and a pair of Celestion SL12Si speakers I have hooked everything up and it all works but doesn't seem to sound the same as when last used. However as the only audio source I have is my phone via headphone jack I am not sure what might be the source of this problem. Given everything is working what kinds of things might need to be refurbished/ replaced to compensate for the years of storage. Thanks for any advice
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