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  1. Amazon Boxing Day BOGOF purchase arrived today. Albeit much smaller selections I managed to bag two albums I really wanted for $46. Not bad! Now playing Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ Ghosteen which I much prefer to Skeleton Tree. Great SQ and a quiet pressing too. Next: Teenage Fanclub - Bandwagonesque 2018 reissue.
  2. None! I get bored easily with the same songs played over and over especially songs that seem to go on forever! I even have to be careful with overplaying songs that I like so I don’t get sick of them... 😬
  3. American Football - LP 3 Deluxe 2xLP on 45 rpm I am not a fan of Rainbo’s pressing but this 2xLP 45 rpm release of American Football’s 3rd album could well be their best sounding release yet, if not one of the very best... Very quiet one too. It’s the only way to enjoy this beautiful album I regcon. 😁
  4. This guy explained it clearly what it does. It’s essentially a VPI made TT? I really want it in my study or bedroom but I don’t have $12k! 😥
  5. Hi @betty boop, How’s your Wewo holder going? I might get one too if it’s good? Cheers, Dave
  6. Apparently this is the same April Golden’s cut from 2017 spread over 3 sides And pressed by Pallas. Someone on Discogs commented: ”Sound quality is not as good as the greatest 2009 Bernie Grundman’s or the 94’s original. I did however enjoy the side 4 with the unreleased rehearsal songs which ironically have a very clear and warm sound.” But at this more affordable price I am definitely interested...
  7. The Tea Party - Transmission 2017 20th Anniversary GZ pressing on black vinyl. An excellent reissue which sounds great and quiet. The 2018 Splendour Solis is also a good one to get if you like The Tea Party.
  8. Mmm... I thought the whole season of The Mandalorian is available, only 4 episodes so far... Now got to wait... 😴
  9. Captagon - Rod Modell, better known as DeepChord. One of the better releases this year for me. The LP was mastered and cut by Simon Davey at The Exchange Vinyl and pressed by Optimal. You can always trust Tresor, their releases always has SQ to die for while it’s super quiet. 👍 ”All the usual DeepChord sounds are here: fizzing ambience, dub effects, percolating basslines, kick drums that sound like they're treading water. But it's all harder, faster and stronger. The tempo regularly surpasses 140 BPM, which gives the LP a driving force we haven't heard from Modell in a long time. Much of Captagon feels a bit like hurtling down a subway tunnel, consumed by the sound and chaos of motion itself. ”
  10. Season 1 was so much fun. Season 2 was very disappointing!
  11. I saw him live at the Brisbane Festival a couple of months ago. First we found it interesting but the excitement soon wore off. What was really impressive was how he could get a huge young crowd (full house at QPAC) to do whatever he asked them to do and sang along. The way he worked the crowd was much like Freddie Mercury at Live Aid! The crowd certainly felt like majority his dedicated fans. He also played a lot of different instruments live. However the show come across too showy and all over the place. We stayed for about an hour and left. He is certainly talented and still young, loves experimenting and tend to do too much. I hope someday he will find his footing and become a great musician.
  12. Yes the 2xLP version has SQ that’s much more dynamic. Take the intro Oczy Mlody and How?? for example, where the bass sounded like hitting a wet pad that go “poop, poop, poop”, on the 2xLP they go “boom boom boom” with nice sonorous extension, if you get what I meant. To me, the entire album sounds superior. However I have mistaken it to be 45 rpm it actually still plays at 33 rpm. So apologies on the mistake...
  13. Hi Ant, If you check the matrix on the deadwax 17992 1A CB/17992 2B CB, you’ll find this US/Cad release was mastered by Chris Bellman (CB) and pressed by Record Industry in the Netherlands. So that means it was only printed in Canada. I first bought the EU release which was pressed by Optimal Media. I thought the bass sounded very odd and muddy, everything else was fine. So I bought the US/Cad release to compare but the bass was merely slightly better and still sounding odd to me. A while ago Amazon has the US 2xLP 45rpm colour vinyl Deluxe Edition on reduced price of $36 and I was lucky to get it. I would recommend getting it if you like this album. Really remarkable SQ and no more odd sounding dull bass.
  14. Gene Clark - No Other 2019 4AD Vinyl Reissue After hearing the superb 2018 Intervention Records’ AAA reissue of White Light, I was eagerly waiting for them to do the same for No Other. No luck for that but this 4AD reissue sounds excellent. Very quiet pressing by Optimal Media, there’s heaps of details, clear and open with very punchy bass. Obviously a digital remaster but still retained some analogue sound. Positively a big improvement over the MoV reissue but not as good as the Intervention White Light. Highly recommended if you are a fan of No Other!
  15. Such coincidence! I just received mine. Had it cleaned and just sat down and listening now. 😁 Before this Secret of The Beehives. Amazon had them cheap last weekend. Dead Bees $36 and Beehives $28. Had to get them! 👍
  16. Got you. Thank you for the explanation. I actually have the 2011 2xLP Substrate reissue but I did not know about the CD bonus disc.
  17. Pretty sure the cover image is Substrata and Man With A Movie Camera is an album by Cinematic Orchestra?
  18. Criminal UK is great. [emoji106] Interviewers employ clever techniques or dirty tricks to get a confession. The other Europe Criminal in the same series are great too but they didn’t leave as big impact on me as I need to rely on subtitles. There’s Spain, France and Germany.
  19. I thoroughly enjoyed When They See Us too. IMHO one of the best shows this year. I am so glad one of the kids won Best Lead Actor at the Emmy Awards. I thought he was brilliant!
  20. Just binged all 3 seasons of Borgen. Interesting political dramas that was beautifully written and shot.
  21. Don’t forget this - Amplified Heart 25th Anniversary Vinyl Edition. Sounds excellent!
  22. Everything But The Girl - Amplified Heart 25th Anniversary Vinyl Edition. First time on vinyl half speed master by Miles Showell. What a beautiful sounding and perfect pressing by Optimal. Essential for EBTG fans.
  23. Hi guys, sorry I have been away last weekend. I received a few messages and they were duly replied, low ballers were politely ignored. Most of the records are still available.
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