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  1. Update: Price reduced: INXS, Kevin Morby was $25 each now $20. DJ Koze, New Order was $35 each now $30. Found another copy of Beck’ Guero EU first pressing $50.
  2. Item: Six New/Used Vinyl Location: Sydney Price: See details Item Condition: See details Reason for selling: Have doubles Payment Method: Paypal & Bank Transfer Only Extra Info: Will post at buyer's cost. Sorry no pickup please. Artist/Title/Year/Country/Note Sleeve/Media/Price Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ‎– Lovely Creatures (The Best Of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds 1984 – 2014) 2017 UK/EU 3xLP/Trifold cover heavy NM/NM - $35 SOLD (JB HiFi $52.99) INXS ‎– Kick 2017 EU LP/Back To Black M/M - New & Sealed - Was $25 Now $20 (JB HiFi $39.99) Kevin Morby ‎– City Music 2017 US/EU LP NM/NM - Was $25 Now $20(JB HiFi $42.99) Played a few times. Played quiet. A great one considering Dead Ocean's pressing quality. Beck ‎– Guero 2005 UK/EU 2xLP/45 RPM EX/NM - $50 Found another copy! Original UK release, not the 2016 reissue on single disc like this one sold by JB HiFi ($44.99). Superior SQ to the 2016 reissue, the difference is huge! You must hear this if you like this album. Played only once to be sure it played quiet. DJ Koze ‎– Kosi Comes Around 2013 DE Reissue 2xLP NM/NM - Was $35 Now $30 Played a few times. Great sound & played quiet like all DJ Koze on his own lable Pampa Records. New Order ‎– NOMC15 2017 EU 3xLP/Trifold cover heavy NM/NM - Was $35 Now $30 (JB HiFi $54.99) Played twice. Great sound & played quiet. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. I have been listening to this album and enjoyed it tremendously. I post this in this thread last month. I am so glad to know there’s someone here listening to new music and liked Orville Peck. I think he has a great voice. [emoji106]
  4. Of course I would sell it if someone has too much money to burn! I apologise if you misunderstood my comment was directed at you. Not at all! I was directed at those supposedly ‘collectors’ who jacked up the price. Who knows who they really are and their real intentions? Maybe he has ‘collected’ the other 8 mint copies ? I don’t think any records should cost that much, even if there’s only one copy ever existed.
  5. That’s on Stan only not SBS On Demand? No wonder I couldn’t find it. [emoji848]
  6. Totally agreed! Rare sh*t is still sh*t. I’m baffled why some people think rare must be good. [emoji849]
  7. What I understood is seller invites offers which are near the advertised price. But of course he will take the nearest offer if there are multiple offers.
  8. I have enjoyed all 3 seasons, Nicola Walker is always brilliant!
  9. So is phenomenal SQ Special Request - Soul Music 3xLP 2013 And finally received: Yagya - Rigning 3xLP 2018 reissue
  10. Smith & Mighty ‎– Ashley Road Sessions 88-94 Such brilliant compilation on vinyl with phenomenal SQ!
  11. Finally got to watch Gomorrah. Season 1 was brilliant! Now I’m getting a little tired of it just finished Season 2 Episode 5. S2 seems to be slow and don’t know where it’s going and doesn’t get me going. Does it get any better?
  12. Orville Peck - Pony 60/70’s country and everything else. A wonderful crooner, quite interesting.
  13. SPOILER!!! I like this rewrite and it all definitely makes better sense.
  14. When They See Us Great shows based on real story Geez it was scary to learn that Trump was already such a hateful person in the 80s... Also scary to learn what happened to these kids... Great acting from the kids!
  15. The truth is there’s good sellers and there’s bad sellers. You could only ask and hope you get a good one to send you refund without a problem. Some would ask you to send the record back, some will pay for return postage some need you to pay for it. Some would refund and let you keep the record. So it all depends on your luck. Like someone have said before, if you do nothing then nothing is going to happen. But if you try then something good might happen, but do prepare for a bad experience. I wish you good luck. [emoji16] I have found new records’ quality hit and miss. I have experienced in the same pressing, exchange a dude one for an absolutely quiet one, even a muddy sounding one to a much clearer one! Also like you, a “supposedly” quiet pressing turned out to be a noise fest.
  16. I have not heard this artist before, well he obviously have a big following as his records are mostly sold out. I have enjoyed Stormur very much and continued to Rigning and Sleepygirl. I am now hooked on Rigning so I ordered a copy of the 2018 3xLP reissue from Discogs. Not cheap! Would have got Sleepygirl too but tgat is too dear for me!
  17. Trentemøller Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 02 Copenhagen Liking this more mellow side of Trentemoller. The Pallas pressing is excellent! Hopefully we’ll see the Vol. 01 on vinyl soon.
  18. Cables tentatively sold thank you all for your interests. Dave
  19. Item: Aurealis R1 Dragon Silver/Copper Litz 1m with ETI Kryo RCAs Location: Sydney Price: $290 inc. postage Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Bank Transfer Extra Info: First owner. Bought from Geoff late 2017. This version is still the latest and it is currently unavailable due to production problems for silver Litz. https://www.aurealisaudio.com.au/purchase-r1/ Photos:
  20. I think it makes a much more interesting story to work with the now wiser Thanos and have some other clever ideas to bring the deads back. It won’t be a terrible idea to not bring them back either. Wouldn’t it be cool to see what the world has become with or without the others with Thanos in it? Instead we are done with Thanos, chopped him off quickly. Time travel to bring everyone back and now what? The world is better than before? Isn’t the Earth or the Universe still over populated? So wars are still breaking out and the Universe still faced with shortage of food. We have just come a full circle and who is to say there won’t be a Thanos no 2 to rise up and do exactly what Thanos did? Oh now we have a time machine, we can just do things as we wish... too easy.
  21. Colter Wall Imaginary Appalachia EP 2015 A young Canadian singer songwriter. Colter Wall released his EP when he was only 20 in 2015. With a voice and talent like this, he quickly gained profile. His song Sleeping On The Blacktop was used in the movie Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and he opened for Lucinda Williams. He was then signed to Rick Rubin’s American Songs Publishing Company. Colter Wall Colter Wall 2017 It was interesting to hear Colter Wall only two years later, his voice not only have matured, now he sounded like an old man. What a voice!
  22. 1. My problem with time travel is that it’s such an obvious and easy way out to bring everyone back from their ashes. I was hoping they have some clever ideas that makes me go wow! I never thought of that! I did enjoy those scenes when they went back in time to retrieve the stones. 2. Great movie needs a great villain. Now Thanos is just mediocre. 3. I meant after Thanos was beheaded. After 5 years, the sad scenes just drag on and on. Yes I get that, it is supposed to be sad but does it have to go on for such a long screen time until finally the ant resurfaced? Just move on already... 5. I get that. But I was like... so what? I definitely feel the movie could be shortened by at least an hour. With some tight editing and getting rid of some “unimportant” scenes, it could be so much better. I hope if I get a chance to watch a second time I would feel slightly more positive about the movie, but do I want to spend another 3 hours to sit through it?
  23. I am disappointed with Endgame and I thought The Infinity Stones was a superior movie. There are too many things I don’t like but I might accept them on second viewing. For now, it’s meh. Things I don’t like: 1. Time travel meh 2. Thanos was so much more interesting in Infinity Stones. Here he is back from the past and he is just mean and cruel and one note. 3. Does the mourning needs to be so long? 4. Why do we need Captain Marvel in this movie? Just to conveniently save the day? She has better things to do than saving the Earth anyway as there millions of other planets to save? 5. Does Tony Stark’s funeral needs to be so long? Who cares about this guy (Jon Favreau)’s screen time with Tony’s daughter just to tell us Tony liked cheese burger? Perhaps something I missed in the previous movies he is an important character? 6. The fat Thor is supposed to be funny but Chris Hemsworth can’t make me laugh! So was all the funny scenes he played against the Star Lord. There’s more but I guess enough rant! [emoji16]
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