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  1. PJ Harvey To Bring You My Love 2020 reissue This is such a fantastic reissue I hope the Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea is the same. Can’t wait to receive mine...
  2. Wilco Being There 2009 US Reissue on Nonesuch This reissue sounds simply stunning! Cut by BG & pressed bt Pallas. There’s also a later reissue which was cut by CB and pressed by RTI (US) & Optimal (EU). I wonder if these reissues sound as good?
  3. So true! I certainly won’t be this fool.. 😀
  4. Roisin Murphy Overpowered 2019 Reissue Orange + Pink Vinyl Absolutely sublime reissue with top notch SQ - flat & dead quiet! Not bad landed for $52 especially knowing that some jokers are asking ridiculously high price for a copy of the original release on Discogs. A whopping $522.50 (AU seller) for a mint copy , or even crazier another one asking €485 for a NM copy!
  5. I don’t usually go for bling but I’ll take any Burmester! Just wish I win that lottery soon. I’ll own anything they make even if it sounds bad! But you know they are going to sound amazing! 😁
  6. Some of the Nagra designs are just beautiful.
  7. in the interest of finding out the degree of fugliness. Is this guy really serious about his “design” sense!!!??? From his website: Which bits of his tt gives even a tiny suggestion of a ballet dancer!!!???
  8. Yeah! Finally reissue on vinyl! PJ Harvey Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea 26/02/2021
  9. Fontaines D.C. A Hero’s Death 2020 2xLP 45 rpm Deluxe Edition Great album from this Irish post-punk revival band & excellent SQ! Comes with 12” lyrics booklet too.
  10. White Lies To Lose My Life 2019 10th Anniversary Reissue 2xLP Deluxe Edition So glad I got this as it is quite expensive now. SQ is significantly better than the 2009 US release. I think you can still get the single LP standard version which should be the same pressing.
  11. Finally here. Two absolutely top SQ from France. 1. Rhythm & Sound The Versions 2016 Reissue Perfect dub. 2. Hiroshi Yoshimura Green 2020 Reissue The pioneer of ambient music in Japan - minimalist genre of kankyō ongaku, or environment music
  12. Oh yes I also had the US 33 rpm. As good as it sounds it doesn’t rate! 😁 There’s something very special about the MPO 45 rpm pressing. The sound is deep, spacious, immersive, slightly more organic and definitely warmer and more analogue sounding. Once you heard it you just won’t want to hear the other versions... I do hope you find a clean and quiet copy. Best of luck! 😁
  13. The original EU pressing was pressed by MPO and comes with only Ministry of Sound logo, does not have Germany, Made in the EU prints nor Sony Music logo. I too went through 3 copies, one was extremely noisy and all seem to have some distortion. I bought all those copies in 2013 when it was first released. Your copy seems to be the repress by GZ Media. I bought a copy in 2015/2016. https://www.discogs.com/London-Grammar-If-You-Wait/release/12184206 Check the picture it shows 2 logos. Probably check the matrix to be sure. The original has l
  14. Hiroshi Yoshimura Green 1986 Hiroshi Yoshimura was a Japanese musician and composer. He is considered a pioneer of ambient music in Japan. His music lies mostly in the minimalist genre of kankyō ongaku, or environment music—soft electronic melodies infused with the sounds of nature: babbling brooks, steady rain, and morning birds. So glad this was reissued last year. Eagerly waiting for my black vinyl. There’s also a green and clear version. Look how much it costs for the original on Discogs! - https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/596555?ev=rb
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