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  1. I think it makes a much more interesting story to work with the now wiser Thanos and have some other clever ideas to bring the deads back. It won’t be a terrible idea to not bring them back either. Wouldn’t it be cool to see what the world has become with or without the others with Thanos in it? Instead we are done with Thanos, chopped him off quickly. Time travel to bring everyone back and now what? The world is better than before? Isn’t the Earth or the Universe still over populated? So wars are still breaking out and the Universe still faced with shortage of food. We have just come a full circle and who is to say there won’t be a Thanos no 2 to rise up and do exactly what Thanos did? Oh now we have a time machine, we can just do things as we wish... too easy.
  2. Colter Wall Imaginary Appalachia EP 2015 A young Canadian singer songwriter. Colter Wall released his EP when he was only 20 in 2015. With a voice and talent like this, he quickly gained profile. His song Sleeping On The Blacktop was used in the movie Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and he opened for Lucinda Williams. He was then signed to Rick Rubin’s American Songs Publishing Company. Colter Wall Colter Wall 2017 It was interesting to hear Colter Wall only two years later, his voice not only have matured, now he sounded like an old man. What a voice!
  3. 1. My problem with time travel is that it’s such an obvious and easy way out to bring everyone back from their ashes. I was hoping they have some clever ideas that makes me go wow! I never thought of that! I did enjoy those scenes when they went back in time to retrieve the stones. 2. Great movie needs a great villain. Now Thanos is just mediocre. 3. I meant after Thanos was beheaded. After 5 years, the sad scenes just drag on and on. Yes I get that, it is supposed to be sad but does it have to go on for such a long screen time until finally the ant resurfaced? Just move on already... 5. I get that. But I was like... so what? I definitely feel the movie could be shortened by at least an hour. With some tight editing and getting rid of some “unimportant” scenes, it could be so much better. I hope if I get a chance to watch a second time I would feel slightly more positive about the movie, but do I want to spend another 3 hours to sit through it?
  4. I am disappointed with Endgame and I thought The Infinity Stones was a superior movie. There are too many things I don’t like but I might accept them on second viewing. For now, it’s meh. Things I don’t like: 1. Time travel meh 2. Thanos was so much more interesting in Infinity Stones. Here he is back from the past and he is just mean and cruel and one note. 3. Does the mourning needs to be so long? 4. Why do we need Captain Marvel in this movie? Just to conveniently save the day? She has better things to do than saving the Earth anyway as there millions of other planets to save? 5. Does Tony Stark’s funeral needs to be so long? Who cares about this guy (Jon Favreau)’s screen time with Tony’s daughter just to tell us Tony liked cheese burger? Perhaps something I missed in the previous movies he is an important character? 6. The fat Thor is supposed to be funny but Chris Hemsworth can’t make me laugh! So was all the funny scenes he played against the Star Lord. There’s more but I guess enough rant! [emoji16]
  5. J. S. Ondara Tales of America JS is Jay Smart Ondara. A talented Kenya born 26 yo offering new fresh voice to American folk music.
  6. Titanic Rising Weyes Blood Lovely songcraft with 60s/70s retro vibes.
  7. Eagerly waiting for the Season 2! When will it be available?
  8. Kevin Morby - Oh My God Like this a lot. Not sure yet if it is my favourite KM albums but definitely prefer this to City Music.
  9. Item: Six Vinyl Records Location: Sydney Price: $100 for 6 Item Condition: NM/NM, as new Reason for selling: NR Payment Method: Bank Transfer Extra Info: ***Selling as a bundle, sorry no pickup please, will post at buyer’s cost.*** Artist - Title/Country/Cover/Media *All 6 black vinyl 1. Hokworms - Microshift UK/NM/NM 2. Jen Cloher - Jen Cloher US/NM/NM *Not the AU colour version* 3. Low ‎– Drums & Guns US/NM/NM 4. Szymon - Tigersapp AU/NM/NM 5. The Antlers - Hospice US/NM/NM 6. Whitney - Light Upon The Lake US/NM/NM Picture:
  10. Please check out their videos on YouTube, they are well produced and fun to watch. I think they might be fun to see live...
  11. Nathaniel Rateriff And The Night Sweats - Tearing At The Seams Enjoyed this a lot more than I expected and a lot more than their self-titled album.
  12. I think it’s a great deal as the Chris Stapleton From Room A Vol. 1 is now quite hard to get although not impossible. Last I looked was around $42 on eBay. But you’ll have to add postage and 10% GST.! The SQ is superior to the US pressing. [emoji16]
  13. Item: Five Vinyl Records Location: Sydney Price: $100 for 5 Item Condition: NM/NM, as new Reason for selling: NR Payment Method: Bank Transfer Extra Info: Selling as a bundle, sorry no pickup please, will post at buyer’s cost. Artist - Title/Country/Cover/Media *All 5 black vinyl 1. Beach House ‎– Devotion US/NM/NM Like new played only once 2. Chris Stapleton ‎– Traveller US/NM/NM 3. Chris Stapleton ‎– From A Room: Volume 1 EU/NM/NM Like new played only once, still in shrink wrap 4. Father John Misty ‎– Fear Fun US/NM/NM 5. Jason Isbell ‎– Southeastern US/NM/NM Like new played only once, still in shrink wrap Picture:
  14. Enjoying some Emmylou Harris, and Rodney Crowell... Wrecking Ball then The Travelling Kind.
  15. Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood - With Animals Excellent album this, like it a little bit more each time I played. More moody than their last Black Pudding and I much prefer this. Great pressing too.
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