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  1. Comrades, I recently got a pair of Luxman B12 mono blocks. Sadly one of them is not sending any watts to the speakers. I am thinking it is probably something straight forward as it is still going through the same start up sequence as it’s brother, and the front lights are all working. I was hoping someone could point me towards a quality Melbourne based tech who could give them both a going over and hopefully bring the defect up to scratch. Look forward to hearing from you.
  2. I’m not fussed on old vs new or a combo. The room is a 4.5x4.5m space with carbet and heavy curtains - so that would soften anything that is a tad bright. Legends were being driven by a Rega Elex R. The JBLs had a McIntosh SS mono’s not sure which one though.
  3. Folks I’m looking to spend up to about $5k on new speakers and intergrated amp. Mostly listen vinyl, but pretty diverse. The 3 records I would take with me for auditions would by Gang of Youths ‘Go Farther in Lightness’, Duke Ellington ‘New Orleans Suite’ (a great ‘71 Atlantic pressing) and Santana ‘Abraxas’. I’m not fixed on bookshelves vs floor standing, I’m more keen on hearing a balanced to warm sound stage, and avoiding a highly to over refined sound. I’ve heard a few of the Legend Acoustics, and love them. I also heard a gorgeous set of JBL 4345’s in Taiwan recently, and while they are obviously more $$$ than I can afford, I did really enjoy the warmth they put forward. My turntable is an ‘83 Pioneer PL-630. Any advice? Cheers
  4. Look forward to seeing what you have!
  5. Hi all I loved going to my nan’s place growing up in the 90s. Partly the food, and partly the endless games of uno and long days at the beach. But also because of the novelty of playing with her hifi set up and record collect. Come 2016 I found myself a beautiful Pioneer PL630 TT and steadily grown my collection since. It’s now a fixture of holidays to go trawling through records, be it Melbourne, Taipei, London, Tokyo or Paris and Amsterdam. I’ve joined mostly because I’m keenly looking to get a better system, specifically speakers and amp. Love your suggestions.
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